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Munich. A new virtual race car, the BMW Vision Gran Turismo, takes to the racetrack in Gran Turismo® 6, the acclaimed racing title available exclusively on PlayStation®3. The race car, created by BMW Group Design, boasts a virtual three-litre six-cylinder inline engine developed by BMW M GmbH, which promises a peak performance of 404 kW/549 hp, fast laps and optimum handling and control. “The development of the BMW Vision Gran Turismo combines our many years of motorsports experience with signature BMW Design. The race car anticipates future racing trends and allows gaming fans even more to experience BMW racing quality,” says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Brand Communication BMW, BMW i, BMW M. Starting this Thursday, visitors to BMW Welt in Munich will also be able to take the BMW Vision Gran Turismo to the virtual track within the BMW M exhibition. Besides PlayStation®3 gaming stations, an additional dedicated racing seat with a specially designed three-screen display will be available making the experience totally immersive, and the closest you can get to driving the car in real life.


Following in the tradition of the successful BMW touring cars of the 1970s, the BMW design team has created an uncompromising road racer for the modern era. Crisp proportions and a dynamic silhouette give the BMW Vision Gran Turismo the appearance of speed, even standing still. Front and rear spoilers ensure optimum down-force, while all air conduction elements reduce drag and lower the vehicle’s total weight through the use of carbon fibre. The paint finish in BMW M colours traces the flow of the airstream, recalling BMW Motorsports successes. Karim Habib, Head of Design BMW Automobiles said: “The BMW Vision Gran Turismo is pure BMW sportiness and dynamics. It’s a precise driving machine engineered and designed to race and win.”


The technology in the BMW Vision Gran Turismo is just as impressive as its uncompromising design. A powerful three-litre six-cylinder inline engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology delivers a maximum power of 404 kW/549 hp between 6,200 min-1 and 7,300 min-1. Its peak torque of 680 Nm is developed at just 1,900 rpm. A sequential six-speed transmission, operated by gearshift paddles on the steering wheel, distributes engine power to the driven rear axle. The outstanding performance characteristics of the BMW Vision Gran Turismo, which weighs only 1,180 kilograms, include perfect 50:50 axle load distribution. 


The BMW Group demonstrates its on-going commitment to the gaming field. The growing relevance of the video game market and its active gaming community means that concepts such as the BMW Vision Gran Turismo, as well as classic and current BMW vehicles, can not only be presented passively in images or trailers, but also experienced in an interactive manner by a wide audience and even taken for a virtual drive.


To mark the game’s 15th anniversary last year, Kazunori Yamauchi, Gran Turismo® creator and president of Polyphony Digital Inc., invited leading automobile manufacturers to contribute to the successful game series. Design departments were called upon to look into the future and share their ground-breaking concept models with the gaming community. The virtual cars will be gradually integrated into the new Gran Turismo® 6 game through online updates. “I was eagerly awaiting what kind of car the people at BMW would come up with. The resulting Vision Gran Turismo car was a sports car that was so clearly BMW, that really shows the DNA of BMW. What makes the Vision GT car so recognizable as a BMW, is in things like its compact size, its wide front and rear overfenders. It maintains the strong angular forms from the past, but the car is also given modern, elegant lines”, said Yamauchi. Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design added: „This project means a lot to me, because Kazunori-san shares the same passion for design and driving pleasure as we do at BMW Group. We are pleased to present our very first virtual BMW concept car at GT6.”


The Gran Turismo® video game, first released in 1998, is an award-winning racing simulation. The series is one of the biggest virtual racing games worldwide and PlayStation’s most successful franchise. A wide range of realistic racetrack options and authentic-looking HD graphic images characterise the game. According to Sony Computer Entertainment, the complete series has sold over 70 million games in more than 100 countries to date.


Making Of Video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/a8U89-JtMlI

Car trailer on YouTube: http://youtu.be/_obcI-bIS4Y


/ Photo & Media provided by BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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Munich/Brescia. 60 years on from its Mille Miglia debut, a BMW Isetta is once again lining up at today’s start of the legendary endurance tour through northern Italy. The diminutive two-seater with green paintwork is competing in this year’s Mille Miglia as part of the BMW Group Classic squad, which also includes two BMW 507 models along with four BMW 328 historic racers. BMW Group Classic is thus deploying all the models that were at the start of the historic race events held from 1927 to 1957, which automatically qualifies them to take part in the revived version for historic cars launched in 1977. The Mille Miglia 2014 starts today in the north Italian city of Brescia and will cover more than 1,600 kilometres (1,000 miles) on a route that includes Padua, San Marino, Rome, Siena, Pisa and Bologna before returning to the start point.

In May 1954 a total of seven Iso Isetta models took part in the Mille Miglia. They were the predecessors of the “Motocoupé” built under licence by BMW from 1955 to 1962. With no prospect of beating their high-performance rivals but displaying remarkable stamina, these “smoochballs” quickly won over the hearts of the spectators. The following year saw four Iso Isettas line up for the race, which already started and finished in Brescia back then.

The BMW 507 made its sole appearance in 1957, the last Mille Miglia to be staged as a race event. In 1992 it rode to victory in the revived event for historic cars. But the most enduring and spectacular success story belongs to the BMW 328. In 1938 this extremely lightweight and reliable sports car drew attention to itself by capturing a class victory at its debut appearance in the Mille Miglia. Two years on an even greater triumph lay in store – overall victory for Fritz Huschke von Hanstein and Walter Bäumer in the BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupé.

The winning car of 1940 will also be at the start of this year’s Mille Miglia. The Coupé with its tubular space frame and “superleggera” body has been one of the showpieces of the BMW Group Classic collection since 2002.

It landed a very special coup in 2004 when Giuliano Cané and his wife Lucia Galliani as co-driver took the car across the finish line in Brescia to a second victory, making the BMW 328 Mille Miglia Touring Coupé the first car ever to win not only the classic race event but also the new version of the Mille Miglia for historic automobiles. Besides this winning model, the BMW Group Classic fleet lining up this year also includes the BMW 328 Touring Roadster as well as a 1938 BMW 328 which finished third in 1940 – the BMW 328 Mille Miglia Roadster.

A total of 430 historic vehicles have registered for the 2014 Mille Miglia. This year, for the first time, the round trip will be carried out over four days rather than three. Launching from the traditional starting point at 6pm today, Thursday 15 May 2014, the cars will initially head towards Padua. The second and longest stage finishes in Rome on Friday evening, while the following day the route leads to Siena and then along a new section via Volterra, Lucca and Pisa to Bologna. From there, on Sunday, 18 May 2014, competitors will tackle the final stretch towards Brescia where the first cars are expected to heave into view around midday.


/ Photo & Media provided by BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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Canon EOS-1D C | Aperture priority | 1/250sec | F/5.0 | ISO-2500 | 2014:05:15 10:35:48

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I think you’ll agree that these images show the strength and diversity of the BMW Group. For 98 years now, BMW has asserted its position in the marketplace. Ours is a unique history; one that has defined us, and made us what we are today: a respected, global company.


Over the past 98 years, we have shaped progress, inspired our customers and charted our own course. That is something to be proud of. Of course, we build upon that experience, but our perspective is geared towards the future.


98 years of BMW – of staying power, tenacity and addressing issues head on. We have always faced up to challenges and mastered major changes. We do what we say and live up to our promises. That gives us credibility with our customers, investors and our own associates.


Mobility shapes our lives. The key lies in our innovative strength – that is what makes us stand out from the competition. We create added value for our customers, society – and for you, our shareholders.


We strive to be a leader in all that we do.


That is what makes your company, the BMW Group, exceptional. That is why you believe in us, why you trust in our performance and why you take a long-term view – just like we do. It is also the reason why you, our shareholders, invest in us.


But one thing is clear: The world – our world – is changing. Everything is becoming more complex and more global; our lives are growing faster, more mobile, more connected. Perpetual change is the new constant. We all live with risk – and so do we, as a company. We face political and economic challenges:


  •  the high level of public debt,
  •  weak markets in southern Europe,
  •  the impending downturn in a number of developing countries,
  •  and current political tensions and conflicts.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Aperture priority | 1/250sec | F/5.6 | ISO-5000 | 2014:05:15 10:08:49

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Global stability and freedom provide the foundation for our prosperity. They create the necessary conditions for business and commerce in our globalised world. As a company, we have learned to adapt to volatility in the economic cycle, to currency fluctuations and economic crises.


We also face the fast pace of technological progress. We face the consequences of the digital revolution. We face major changes in energy and climate policy. But when it comes to political tensions and conflicts, we are dependent on others: 
on the skills of political leaders and the power of diplomacy.



Ladies and Gentlemen,


The world is changing. Perpetual change is the new constant. As companies, we have to recognise that yesterday’s trendsetters may vanish from the market at any time. This is why credibility is so important.


That is why we keep our promises – because successful companies share certain basic attributes:


  • They are never complacent about what they have achieved.
  • They drive their own progress.
  • And they have the courage to implement new ideas.


I am personally committed to these principles – together with the entire Board of Management and our 111,000 associates. We all share the same motivation: our passion for sheer driving pleasure.


Together we are shaping the mobility of today and tomorrow - because that is our passion, as well as our job. On that note, Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to welcome you all. I would also like to welcome all the investors and listeners who have joined us via internet:


Welcome to the 94th Annual General Meeting of BMW AG!


Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Aperture priority | 1/160sec | F/5.0 | ISO-1000 | 2014:05:15 04:23:51

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Aperture priority | 1/1000sec | F/6.3 | ISO-400 | 2014:05:15 08:04:45


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Shareholders and shareholder representatives,

BMW associates,

Honoured guests,


Our brands are recognised the world over. For many people, a BMW, a MINI or a Rolls-Royce is the fulfilment of a dream. And their dreams are what make us number one.


No other premium car company sells more vehicles worldwide than the 
BMW Group. Your company leads the premium segment – as it has done for more than ten years now. We are proud of this accomplishment – and you, our shareholders, can also be proud.


There is only one option for those at the top: to stay there. And that is our goal. Business success means more to us than good figures, more than profit. As a leading company, it means we take responsibility for our actions, for our associates and for society.


We are successful – and plan to remain that way. We are taking the necessary steps and looking towards the future with confidence.


Today, I will address the following:


  • A review of 2013.
  • The outlook for 2014.
  • And, finally, prospects for the long-term success of the BMW Group.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Aperture priority | 1/1600sec | F/5.6 | ISO-400 | 2014:05:15 08:01:47 

Ladies and Gentlemen,


During the global financial and economic crisis, the BMW Group achieved a profit and paid you, our shareholders, a dividend. This was followed by four consecutive record years for the BMW Group, with 2013 the most successful year in our history. More customers than ever before bought a car or a motorcycle from our company.


Allow me to give you a brief overview of our sales figures:


  • BMW Group: 1.96 million vehicles.
  • BMW brand: 1.66 million vehicles.
  • MINI brand: more than 305,000 vehicles.
  • Rolls-Royce brand: exactly 3,630 vehicles.
  • BMW Motorrad: over 115,200 motorcycles.


Every one of these figures represents a new record.


We fight for every customer; their wishes and their needs are our priority. We offer the full spectrum of premium mobility – from small cars to the ultra-luxury class to extremely sustainable vehicle from BMW i.


Our products are in demand. They form the basis for the Group’s key figures for 2013. Here are the most important figures at a glance:


  • Revenues of 76.1 billion euros.
  • Profit before tax of 7.9 billion euros: as previously announced, reaching the same level as in 2012
  • Net profit of 5.3 billion euros: the highest in our history.
  • EBIT margin for the Automotive segment of 9.4 per cent: at the higher end of our target range of eight to ten per cent.
  • Our Financial Services segment reported earnings of more than 1.6 billion euros and therefore made a significant contribution to our overall success.
  • Our Motorcycles segment also contributed 76 million euros to earnings.


I believe these figures speak for themselves. We met all of our targets for 2013.

We deliver what we promise.


Success is the result of hard work and determination. Our associates certainly achieved a lot in 2013 and helped our company to progress. They deserve a sign of our deep appreciation. I would therefore like to reach out to them once again in the presence of our shareholders: Thank you for your extraordinary commitment in 2013!


Success offers rewards at the BMW Group, and our associates rightly benefit from the success of the company. This will always be part of our culture. It applies to all hierarchical levels. And it is also in your interest as shareholders.


All our permanent associates in Germany will receive a profit-sharing bonus for 2013 – the highest we have ever paid: They have earned it. Our associates are the ones who make our success possible.


  • We train young people.
  • We invest in our associates.
  • We hire new staff.


No fewer than 1,363 apprentices began their careers with the BMW Group at the start of the training year 2013. In total, we offer qualified apprenticeships for more than 4,400 young people. In this way, we are securing our own future, and taking responsibility for future generations.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Shutter priority | 1/250sec | F/4.0 | ISO-800 | 2014:05:15 04:48:31

Young people are our future – both for society and, of course, for the 
BMW Group.


The world is changing. We must ensure that our associates always have the latest know-how. Therefore, since 2007, we have invested almost 1.5 billion euros in vocational and further education for staff – the same amount invested in our Efficient Dynamics technology package. People and technology are equally important to us, because a well-trained workforce secures our long-term innovative potential in global competition.


We train staff primarily in future technologies, such as lightweight construction, electro-mobility and mobility services. This demonstrates our responsibility to society.


For the future, we need the right qualifications within the company and are selectively recruiting new talent to achieve this. We hired a total of 7,000 new associates in 2013 – 4,500 here in Germany alone. This number also includes 1,700 former temporary workers who were offered permanent employment. We take responsibility for our associates at all our locations worldwide. People from more than 90 different nations work for the BMW Group. Diversity is a key to our success. And it also benefits you, Ladies and Gentlemen.


You, as shareholders, are particularly interested in two things: dividend and share price. I stood here before you for the first time in May 2007. I promised you that: We would work intensively on both share price and dividend, and that we wanted you, our shareholders, to enjoy an appropriate share of our success. That is your right as respective owners of this company. I stand by this promise – then and now.


The Board of Management and Supervisory Board are proposing a dividend payout to reflect the net profit of BMW AG for the 2013 financial year, in the amount of: 2.60 euros per ordinary share, and 2.62 euros per preferred share.

This is the highest dividend we ever paid, with a total distribution of 1.71 billion euros. Overall, we are distributing 32 per cent of our net profit to shareholders, with a dividend yield of roughly 3.1 per cent, and around 4.1 per cent for holders of preferred shares.


Following a strong increase in 2012, BMW ordinary shares rose by another 16.9 per cent in 2013. The BMW share price also reached a new all-time high of 94.39 euros on 23 April 2014. The market price of BMW ordinary shares has climbed 146 per cent over the past ten years and 554 per cent over the past 20 years – averaging out at an annual growth rate of 9.8 per cent. This development reflects our principles of forward thinking, long-term action and profitable growth.


That brings me to my second point: the outlook for 2014.


We will maintain our successful course in the 2014 financial year.


In the autumn of 2007, we launched our Strategy Number ONE, with a clearly-defined vision: Our interim target was to sell more than two million vehicles in 2016 – a goal we will already reach this year.


Our targets for the 2014 financial year are as follows:


  1. New record sales of more than two million cars.
  2. Record Group profit before tax, significantly above last year’s level, and
  3. An EBIT margin in the Automotive segment of between eight and ten per cent. That is our understanding of premium.


These goals underscore our confidence in ourselves.

We had a strong first quarter, with new all-time sales and earnings highs.


  • Between January and March, we sold a total of more than 487,000 vehicles – the most ever in a first quarter.
  • BMW, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad all posted record first-quarter sales. The BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and 6 Series and the BMW X5 are all market leaders in their respective segment.
  • Group profit before tax stood at over 2.1 billion euros. Again, this is another new record for the first quarter.
  • The EBIT margin in the Automotive segment remains in the upper half of our target profitability range of between eight and ten per cent.

The BMW Group is embarking on a new dimension of growth.


We made extensive investments last year, with total capital expenditure of around 6.7 billion euros and a capex ratio of 8.8 per cent of revenues. This is higher than our target ratio of less than seven per cent. We will make further investments in 2014. At the same time, we will grow as a company, lowering our capex ratio accordingly, and once again moving closer to our target of less than seven per cent of revenues. This will remain our guideline up until 2016.


Investments secure our future. Our business success, innovation and financial strength provide us with the latitude we need to make those investments.


A glance at markets around the world shows that 2014 will be a year of growth opportunities for the automotive industry. Demand is growing in key regions, such as North America and Asia, and the downturn in the European markets seems to be over. Europe is currently our company’s largest market. It is the home of our three brands, and where we sell 44 per cent of our vehicles.


The business environment remains volatile and uncertain – hence the need for a long-term strategy.


Number ONE will continue to guide our actions up to 2020, but, of course, we are already looking beyond that:


  • We know what customers expect from a leading mobility company.
  • We set technological trends.
  • We continue to refine our brands accordingly.
  • We can manage the complex task of reconciling our growth plans with a variety of different demands.
  • And finally: We know what our company needs to look like in the future.


We always view challenges as opportunities. For example, Efficient Dynamics: enhanced dynamic performance with less CO2. What began as a vision has long since become reality: The BMW Group currently has 39 models with CO2 emissions of less than 120 grams per kilometre.


We are therefore setting ourselves new targets.


  • By 2020, we aim to lower the CO2 emissions of our fleet in Europe by at least 50 per cent from 1995 levels.
  • In production, we aim to reduce resource consumption per vehicle by 
    45 per cent from 2006 levels by 2020. We also plan to realise our vision of CO2-free vehicle production at some stage in the future.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Aperture priority | 1/640sec | F/5.0 | ISO-1600 | 2014:05:15 07:41:29

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Shutter priority | 1/250sec | F/5.6 | ISO-800 | 2014:05:15 04:57:57

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The customer is our first priority, and in 2014 our customers have plenty to look forward to:


  • Our BMW X models are more desirable than ever. It all began in 1999 with a single model – the BMW X5. Since then, we have sold more than 3.3 million X models. And now the success story continues: The model update of the BMW X1 has been available since March 2014. This will be followed by the BMW X3 model update later this month. In July, the X range will be joined by a new model – the BMW X4. And for the future, we have announced another completely new model – the BMW X7. Customers worldwide have very different needs, and in the US, in particular, customers have always asked for a model above the X5. We are now responding to those wishes. The X models – such as the BMW Concept X5 eDrive - are even more efficient as plug-in hybrids. Over the coming years, we will be introducing hybrid drive trains for nearly all BMW model series.
  • The new BMW 4 Series is also proving popular with customers. The new BMW 4 Series Convertible has been on the market since March. For those who enjoy an even sportier drive, the M version of the Convertible will be available from September. In June, following on from the Coupé and Convertible, the third model in the new 4 Series will be released: the Gran Coupé.
  • Two further new M models are the BMW M3 Sedan and the BMW M4 Coupé, both available from June.
  • The new BMW 2 Series Coupé has been in showrooms since March.
  • And here you have the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. This is the first BMW model with front-wheel drive. The Active Tourer is an especially practical and functional car, with space for the whole family or bulky sports equipment. For this, front-wheel drive offers the best solution. The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer will also be available towards the end of the year with a three-cylinder engine. This is designed to appeal to new customers.

The main thing is: The Active Tourer – like every BMW model – stands for sheer driving pleasure.

  • The new generation of the MINI is now also on the market. MINI will always be British – even though it will also be manufactured in the Netherlands by our partner VDL Nedcar from the second half of this year.
  • Delivery of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II will begin in autumn. Rolls-Royce has carefully updated its highly-successful model to suit the brand’s discerning clientele.
  • BMW Motorrad celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2013. Not everyone knows that the first vehicle built by BMW in 1923 was not a car, but a motorcycle. Since then, we have sold more than 2.8 million BMW motorcycles. BMW Motorrad is growing, despite a shrinking market, and will launch five new models this year. The R nineT, for example, just came onto the market in March, but this retro-style model is already the talking point of the year. Handelsblatt called it “the most beautiful BMW in 40 years”. We are also opening a new chapter for motorcycles in the field of urban mobility. BMW Motorrad customers can now experience pure-electric driving with the C evolution maxi-scooter.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


That is an attractive line-up, I’m sure you’ll agree, with twelve new models and four model updates this year.


This demonstrates how dynamic our company is, and brings me to my third point: the long-term perspective.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Shutter priority | 1/500sec | F/8.0 | ISO-400 | 2014:05:15 06:11:30


Ladies and Gentlemen,


We aim to maintain our profitable growth. There are three crucial aspects for us – innovation, balanced growth, desirable premium brands.


Innovation will assure our future competitiveness. The BMW i3 is innovative.


  • At the 2009 Annual General Meeting, I announced an electric vehicle for large urban areas, which we called Megacity Vehicle.
  • At the 2013 Annual General Meeting, the BMW i3 concept car stood right here in this room.
  • Now, the i3 has been on the roads since autumn last year.


We deliberately developed it outside of our usual structures – pretty much like a start-up within our company. Our success has proved us right.

  • No other electric car has its revolutionary architecture with just two modules.
  • No other electric car has a passenger cell made of carbon fibre.
  • No other electric car is built in such a sustainable manner.


Customer demand is already exceeding our expectations: We have produced around 6,000 BMW i3 cars since the start of the year.


The BMW i3 is a vehicle built for urban areas around the world.


  • The US is already the largest market for electric vehicles, with American customers especially open to innovation. The US will be the most important market for the BMW i3, which went on sale there in late April.
  • China is also actively promoting electro-mobility. Our Chinese customers will be able to buy the i3 from the autumn.


Electro-mobility also has a promising future here in Europe.


  • Norway is currently the number one market for electric vehicles. The percentage of electric vehicles in Norway has increased more than tenfold since 2010. There are good reasons for this: Electric cars have access to free parking in cities as well as free electricity for charging. They are exempt from motorway tolls and even have their own lane. In other words, electro-mobility is rewarded.
  • We see comparable developments in the Netherlands.
  • As for Germany: Germany definitely needs to leverage its potential. There are a number of emerging policy initiatives and proposals that are headed in the right direction: They are good, but not enough.


We have led the way with the BMW i3 and made sheer driving pleasure sustainable. That is BMW.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Aperture priority | 1/320sec | F/5.6 | ISO-1250 | 2014:05:15 04:34:08

The same also applies to the BMW i8. You can see the series model right here. Could you have imagined that we would actually build this innovative sports car?

I had the privilege of being one of the first to test-drive the BMW i8. For me, the i8 is the sports car for the 21st century.


  • The only sports car in the world with our unique Life-Drive architecture.
  • The first plug-in hybrid sports car with both an electric and three-cylinder engine.
  • The first series vehicle to use laser light technology, allowing the driver to see not 300, but 600 metres ahead. As anyone who regularly drives in the dark will surely appreciate.


In June, we will begin delivering the BMW i8 here in Germany, in the US, China, Japan and other countries.

BMW i is the spearhead of innovation within the company, with lightweight construction playing a central role. We are now also applying this expertise to other series models. Customers already appreciate the carbon-fibre roofs in our BMW M models. I can also reveal that we will use carbon fibre in the next 
BMW 7 Series. Its low weight will set a very high standard for the segment.


The second key to our future competitiveness is balanced growth.


BMW does not want to be dependent on individual markets. We aim for a balanced distribution of sales between the three main economic regions of the world – Europe, Asia and the Americas. Production follows the market.


The Americas is, and will remain, an important component in our global growth:


  • The US is our second-largest single market currently. We see considerable potential for the future here and are therefore increasing capacity at our Spartanburg plant. From the end of 2016 on, the plant will be able to produce a total of 450,000 vehicles per year – 50 per cent more than today. This is equivalent to construction of a completely new plant. The investment of one billion dollars between 2014 and 2016 will make Spartanburg the largest plant in our international production network.

The US is our second home. In March, the Spartanburg plant celebrated its 20th anniversary, together with the US Secretary of Commerce, who is just one of our many reliable partners in politics and government authorities in the US. The Governor of South Carolina also assures us: Your business is our business. That is how politics and industry work together as partners in the U.S.

  • In autumn of this year, production will get under way at our new BMW plant in Brazil, a future growth market. Annual capacity will reach 30,000 vehicles over the medium term.

BMW is also considered an attractive employer in Brazil: We have received 35,000 applications and will hire a total of 1,300 staff.


This is what we call ‘Globality à la BMW’. We deliver vehicles to customers in more than 140 countries. We operate 28 production facilities in 13 countries.

Our global research and innovation network comprises 12 locations in five countries.


Today’s world is fully interconnected. We build our BMW X models in the US, with engines from Bavaria and Austria, and the car may be driven by a customer in China. The automotive industry operates on a global scale.


This means that trade barriers generate high costs. They do not belong in the 21st century – and they certainly do not fit with the reality of automobile markets in the US and Europe, with such close interdependence between production, purchasing and sales and marketing.


Europe is a relatively open automotive market with a large share of imported cars. However, EU import duties for vehicles from the US – like our BMW X models – still stand at 10 per cent. The US is an open market compared with the European Union, with import duties of only 2.5 per cent.


According to the VDA, German automobile manufacturers alone pay around one billion euros in customs duties in both directions. We would welcome further harmonisation of legislation and technical standards to significantly improve the global competitiveness of the automotive industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

A transatlantic free trade agreement would have only positive effects for our industry. To maintain a strong industrial base and secure jobs in Europe requires free movement of goods as well as open markets. Chancellor Merkel and President Obama have our full support in this matter.


Other regions of the world are not waiting for us. For example, China: In 2000, the Chinese automotive market was the same size as that of the Netherlands. 

By 2005, it was already the size of the German market. And today, China is the world’s largest car market – ahead of the US. Japan has also opened up. It has secured itself a dominant role in the automobile market in Southeast Asia – through its consistent external trade policy and corresponding agreements.


The third key to our future competitiveness is the desirability of our premium brands.


In Fortune Magazine’s ranking of the world’s 500 most admired companies, your company was once again listed among the top 15 worldwide: as the only German company and only European company.


Our brands are valuable and unique, each with its own brand promise. Our BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles represent a promise to our customers – a promise we honour at all times. When the world changes, our brands change with it; we refine them with care.


The BMW brand embodies premium mobility in all its diversity. BMW stands for dynamic performance and efficiency, BMW i for extremely sustainable cars, BMW M for efficient high-performance models.


Our brands are also popular with the younger generation. The BMW brand alone has almost 17 million fans on Facebook – more than any other automotive brand.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Shutter priority | 1/125sec | F/11.0 | ISO-1250 | 2014:05:15 04:40:27

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The BMW Group provided an impressive display at the Frankfurt Motor Show last autumn and positioned itself clearly. We showed what defines the BMW Group and our philosophy today.


  • BMW focuses exclusively on the premium segment. That sets us apart.
  • BMW drives progress in its industry, setting an example.
  • BMW is a company that shapes its own future, as an independent 
    multi-brand Group.


An Analyst said the following about our company:


The BMW Group has “currently by far the best mix between evolutionary and revolutionary car technologies in its product range. BMW builds highly desirable sporty premium cars and knows how to make money with them.”


Naturally, BMW stands for premium. Premium is a trailblazer. Premium takes on responsibility. Premium is a way approaching life. We know that our cars are products that speak to everyone’s emotions. They capture people’s hearts. They are both emotionally appealing and useful. They serve people’s daily needs. That is why more and more individuals drive our cars.


According to forecasts, the automotive market will grow to more than 80 million new cars this year. The car has a future because of its benefits to society – that is the basis for the existence of the automotive industry. We build sophisticated, innovative cars for our customers and ensure social acceptance by securing growth and jobs. The automotive industry represents growth and prosperity – that, ladies and gentlemen, deserves to be clearly stated!


Germany needs its automotive industry.


  • One in seven jobs here is directly or indirectly related to cars.
  • No other industry has higher exports than the automotive sector, with an export ratio of almost 75 per cent.
  • Few industries invest more in research and development – more than 18 billion euros last year, or around a third of total R&D spending in Germany. The BMW Group alone invested around 4.8 billion euros in research and development in 2013.


German automobile manufacturers and their innovations are the best ambassadors for the “made in Germany” label. This not only benefits Germany as a manufacturing location – it ultimately benefits all of us. In other words: Prosperity grows in places where mobility is created – as a glance at the map of Germany shows quite clearly.


FOCUS Magazine recently published a regional barometer for Germany. The most prosperous districts include: Dingolfing-Landau in first place, and the city of Landshut in ninth. Dingolfing is currently home to our biggest BMW Group plant worldwide, which builds our larger models. Landshut is the location of our competence centre for lightweight construction and electro-mobility.


That tells me that Germany needs a strong, future-oriented and innovative automotive industry. People in Germany must be able to rely on that – and the BMW Group is committed to it. Germany is, and will remain, our home market.


Through your commitment, you, our shareholders, show that you also believe in the future of the German automotive industry.


Above all else, you believe in the BMW Group. You place your trust in us. You take a long-term view – just like we do. I thank you for this trust – also on behalf of all our associates. We will continue to justify the trust placed in us. That is my promise to you.


With all our strength, determination and passion, we will lead your company to a successful future. Thank you!


/ Photo & Media provided by  BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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“I am delighted to welcome the first group on our new programme for young GT and touring car drivers into the BMW family,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “Our four drivers came through against numerous other hopefuls, which shows we think a lot of their talent and are expecting big things from them. I am looking forward to seeing them on the racetrack together for the first time in the near future.”

Before the four BMW Juniors take to the track in a Formula BMW FB02 racing car for the first time on 19th and 20th May in Oschersleben (DE), they were presented with their team apparel at the welcome event, and held initial discussions with their mentor, BMW works driver and endurance racing expert Dirk Adorf (DE). “I am very excited about the first group of drivers on the new Junior Programme,” said Adorf. “We have put together a group of completely different racing drivers, and I am intrigued to see how they get on at my home circuit, the Nordschleife. I will help them to find their feet as quickly as possible – and as a colleague, rather than a schoolmaster. That is very important to me.”

The BMW Juniors then spent the evening getting to know each other better during a game of bowling. The second day featured exclusive tours of BMW Welt, the BMW Museum and BMW Plant Munich, as well as the opportunity to meet BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “BMW Motorsport put together a great event for us,” said Mies. “The insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the BMW plant was particularly impressive. I also enjoyed relaxing with my colleagues over a game of ten-pin bowling in the evening. I think we make a good team.”

The youngest member of the Junior Programme is Spain’s Moisés Soriano. The 19-year-old has been racing successfully on the karting scene since 2005, and competed in a Formula 3 car for the first time in 2012. He claimed three wins en route to finishing runner-up in the Cup class of the European F3 Open. “This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us,” said Soriano. “It is an honour to be part of the BMW family, and I will do my best. I am really looking forward to driving a touring car for the first time, as I am only familiar with karts and single-seater cars so far.”

Like Soriano, Britain’s Jake Hughes is 19 years old. Although he did not make his karting debut until he was 15, success was not long in coming. In 2013 he contested his first season in the British BRDC Formula 4 series, winning the title in dominant fashion. His performances saw him nominated for the prestigious McLaren Autosport BRDC Award. Hughes is not only a promising racing driver, but also a good footballer and cricketer. “Nowadays, there are hardly any major manufacturers willing to train young racing drivers without them having to pay,” said Hughes. “The fact that BMW is offering us this opportunity based on talent alone is fantastic. I have not done many laps in a touring car yet, so I am sure I will learn an awful lot on this programme.”

At 23 years of age, Finland’s Jesse Krohn has already gained a wealth of experience on the track. He has contested 170 races, winning 43 of them. In 2008 he won the Formula Renault title in Finland, Estonia and New Zealand. He made two appearances on the ADAC GT Masters podium in 2012. “I already have motorsport experience under my belt, and hope this will be beneficial during my cooperation with BMW Motorsport,” said Krohn. “I am confident this Junior Programme will allow me to take another big step forward. I am particularly hoping to gain a lot of valuable experience from working together with Dirk Adorf.”

From May to October, the BMW Juniors will undergo an intense programme, including theoretical and practical content. As highlights, they can look forward to competing in three races at the wheel of the BMW M235i Racing in the VLN Endurance Championship on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife (DE).

/ Photo & Media provided by BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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Canon EOS-1D X | Shutter priority | 1/800sec | F/11.0 | ISO-400 | 2014:05:04 13:34:12

Munich (DE), 12th May 2014. Following the BMW M4 DTM’s historic victory in the very first race of its career at the season-opener in Hockenheim (DE), the BMW teams now head to the Magdeburger Börde (DE) region of Germany full of confidence. After the 60th win for BMW in the DTM and an impressive overall result, with six BMW M4 DTMs in the top ten, it is now the turn of the “Motorsport Arena Oschersleben” (DE) to host the second DTM race of the year on 18th May. 

The 3.696-kilometre circuit has been a happy stomping ground for BMW DTM drivers in the past. The top step of the podium has been occupied by a BMW driver after both of the races since the manufacturer made its comeback two years ago. Bruno Spengler (CA) led from start to finish in 2012 en route to winning the title, while Augusto Farfus (BR) was first across the finish line at the end of last year’s 51-lap race. 

The winding circuit is a mixture of slow corners, in which traction is vitally important, and flowing sections. The drivers must be particularly focussed at the start, as the first 90-degree left-hander is traditionally a crowded affair. Another key point on the circuit is the chicane before the home straight. The cars must take a particularly aggressive line over the kerbs here, without losing valuable time. Joey Hand (US) of BMW Team RBM clocked the fastest lap of last year’s DTM race in Oschersleben. The American set a time of 1:21.255 minutes on lap 14. 

After making a dream start to the DTM’s anniversary season – the touring car series is 30 years old this year – BMW leads the Manufacturers’ Championship with 54 points. BMW Team RMG, which claimed its first DTM victory in Hockenheim, tops the Team standings with 25 points. A maiden victory at the opening race of the season sees Marco Wittmann (DE) take an early lead at the top of the Drivers’ Championship with 25 points. 

The new Performance Weights will be given their first outing in the DTM at the race in Oschersleben. As well as Wittmann, Timo Glock (DE), Spengler, Martin Tomczyk (DE), Farfus and Hand must all carry an extra five kilograms of ballast. António Félix da Costa (PT) and Maxime Martin (BE) both start with an additional 2.5 kilograms on board. 

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV | Shutter priority | 1/320sec | F/7.1 | ISO-100 | 2014:05:04 13:03:57

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV | Manual | 1/320sec | F/7.1 | ISO-100 | 2014:05:04 13:05:31

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):
“We made a dream start to the new season with the BMW M4 DTM’s maiden win at the opening race in Hockenheim. However, that is absolutely no reason to rest on our laurels. On the contrary: the past two seasons have shown on more than one occasion that everyone basically starts from scratch at each race weekend. That will also be the case in 2014. Despite this, we are obviously very happy with the successful debut of the BMW M4 DTM. We were in a position to win with the new car right from the outset – and that shows what a good job our development team did. The Motorsport Arena Oschersleben proved to be a happy stomping ground for us in 2012 and 2013. It would be fantastic to extend our winning run there with the new BMW M4 DTM. However, the DTM does not do requests. Our cars will race with Performance Weight on board for the first time, which will definitely have an effect and not make the task any easier for us. Despite this, I am confident we will put on another good show for the BMW fans in Oschersleben this year. Whatever happens, we are definitely highly motivated after the strong outing in Hockenheim.” 

Bart Mampaey (Team Principal, BMW Team RBM): 
“Scoring points with both cars at the opening race of the season was a nice result for our team. The goal for Oschersleben must obviously be to do better in qualifying, which will then allow us to compete higher up the field right from the start of the race. Overtaking is traditionally difficult at the Motorsport Arena. We have very fond memories of last year’s race. Augusto Farfus won to keep the DTM title race open.” 

Charly Lamm (Team Principal, BMW Team Schnitzer): 
“The DTM season really gains momentum with round two in Oschersleben. Generally speaking we can be happy with the start we made in Hockenheim, although we were certainly hoping for a little bit more after such a promising result in qualifying. However, we at least managed to pick up seven valuable points for the team, with Bruno Spengler sixth and Martin Tomczyk seventh. The race in Hockenheim also showed that the BMW M4 DTM is capable of winning. That fills us with optimism for the challenges ahead. We have always done well in Oschersleben in the past: Bruno won the race in 2012.” 

Ernest Knoors (Team Principal, BMW Team MTEK):
“We made a very promising start to the new season. The performance of our two drivers was very good throughout the entire race weekend in Hockenheim. Timo Glock was very quick and scored a good amount of points. Up until the mistake late on in the race, António Félix da Costa had also impressed on his DTM debut. If we can perform that strongly in qualifying and the race at the next round in Oschersleben I will be very happy.” 

Stefan Reinhold (Team Principal, BMW Team RMG): 
“It was a huge load off my mind when our team picked up its maiden win in the DTM in Hockenheim. My team worked very passionately for that, and more than deserves its success. It would obviously be nice to follow on from the performance at the season-opener when we race in Oschersleben. However, we are keeping both feet firmly on the ground. We know we will have to be just as focussed at the Motorsport Arena as we were at the Hockenheimring. If we do that, I am confident we can achieve another good result.” 

Augusto Farfus (car number 3, BMW Team RBM):
“The new season is up and running. Our result in Hockenheim showed we are among the front-runners from the word go with the new BMW M4 DTM. That is very encouraging. However, we hardly have time to catch our breath before the next race in Oschersleben. I really like the track and achieved a lot of good results there in the World Touring Car Championship. Last season BMW Team RBM did a very good job in Oschersleben, which allowed me to cross the finish line first. I am highly motivated to score another top result there.” 

Joey Hand (car number 4, BMW Team RBM):
“Oschersleben is a bit like a go-kart circuit for racing cars. At first glance the track looks quite easy, but it certainly is not. The circuit is very bumpy. Slow sections alternate with quick corners – and then you have a quick chicane too. It is quite a cool track. Although I am yet to get a very good result there, I do really like it. The priority for me will be to qualify better than I did in Hockenheim. The morale in BMW Team RBM is very good after the points we scored in Hockenheim – as is my own. Bring on Oschersleben.” 

Bruno Spengler (car number 9, BMW Team Schnitzer):
“I am really looking forward to Oschersleben. The circuit is very interesting and technically demanding. I like the atmosphere in the Motorsport Arena, and the fans’ support is simply sensational. The whole region is mad about motorsport, and you can sense that as a driver. I will push hard to leave Oschersleben with as many points as possible.” 

Martin Tomczyk (car number 10, BMW Team Schnitzer):
“We have always done well in the Motorsport Arena in recent years. It is a really narrow circuit with a lot of long corners. It will be a challenge for us drivers. However, the season-opener in Hockenheim showed that the performance of the BMW M4 DTM is good. Let’s see what the balance of power is like in Oschersleben. Personally, I am looking to build on my Hockenheim result. The potential was definitely there to do better in qualifying, and in the race.” 

Timo Glock (car number 17, BMW Team MTEK): 
“I am intrigued to see whether we can achieve a good overall result for BMW like the one we enjoyed at the opening race in Hockenheim. Hopefully I will have more luck at the Motorsport Arena this time than I did last season. My goal remains the same: I want to consistently finish in the points in 2014. I achieved that with my fifth place in Hockenheim. I will now be going all out to pick up a good amount of points again in Oschersleben.” 

António Félix da Costa (car number 18, BMW Team MTEK): 
“All in all, I had a positive DTM debut in Hockenheim. The pace was there, both in qualifying and the race. Unfortunately I made a mistake, which meant the good performance was not reflected in the end result. However, my team and I have laid a very sound foundation, on which we can build for the next race in Oschersleben. I know the circuit. It is very interesting.” 

Marco Wittmann (car number 23, BMW Team RMG): 
“The Motorsport Arena is a circuit with a lot of corners. For this reason, we need the car to generate a lot of downforce to set fast times. However, I travel to the second round in Oschersleben with confidence and a lot of momentum on the back of my maiden DTM win at the season-opener in Hockenheim. It is important to find the perfect set-up for qualifying and the race. The set-up is particularly important this time, as we must now carry performance weights after the successful result in Hockenheim. With this in mind, it is difficult to make any predictions for the race.” 

Maxime Martin (car number 24, BMW Team RMG): 
“I know the circuit in Oschersleben very well, and have won there in the past in the ADAC GT Masters. However, racing in the Motorsport Arena in a DTM car will obviously be a completely different experience. I am really looking forward to the challenge. The circuit is very different to the Hockenheimring, so the experience I gained in Hockenheim cannot be adopted one-to-one. Despite this, I can still take a lot of positives from my DTM debut, and am really hungry to get back out on the track.” 

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV | Manual | 1/500sec | F/8.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:05:04 13:23:10

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV | Manual | 1/500sec | F/11.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:05:04 13:25:57

Statistics ahead of the race in Oschersleben: 

Circuit / Date

Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, 18th May 2014

Laps / Distance

51 laps, 3.696 km

2013 Pole Time

Jamie Green (GB), Audi, 1:20.263 minutes

2013 Winner

Augusto Farfus (BR), BMW

2013 Fastest Lap

Joey Hand (US), BMW, 1:21.255 minutes


Driver data:































BMW Team Schnitzer

BMW Team Schnitzer
































Fastest laps


















2014 points









Current position









Performance Weights










2014 calendar:

4th May – Hockenheim (DE), 18th May – Oschersleben (DE), 1st June – Budapest (HU), 29th June – Norisring (DE), 13th July – Moscow (RU), 3rd August – Spielberg (AT), 17th August – Nürburgring (DE), 14th September – Lausitzring (DE), 28th September – Guangzhou (CN), 19th October – Hockenheim (DE). 

BMW Motorsport media schedule: 

Saturday, 17th May


Round table interview with BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt

BMW Motorsport Hospitality


Interviews with the BMW DTM drivers

BMW Motorsport Hospitality

Sunday, 18th May


Interviews with the BMW DTM drivers and BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt

BMW Motorsport Hospitality

/ Photo & Media provided by  BMW   Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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세계적인 상용차 브랜드인 볼보트럭은 금일 광장동 소재 워커힐호텔 제이드가든에서 아시아•태평양 지역 전체를 아우르는 대규모 통합 신제품 런칭 행사를 가졌다. 볼보트럭의 아시아 지역 진출 80주년을 맞아 한국에서 단독으로 개최되는 이번 런칭 행사에는 볼보그룹 본사와 아•태 지역 각국의 고객, 딜러, 해외 기자단 등 총 1,600여명이 참석한다. 또한, 국내 트럭 업계가운데 가히 처음이라 할 만한 규모와 위용을 자랑하며 볼보트럭의 핵심 지역으로서 한국 상용차 시장의 위상을 보여주는 뜻 깊은 자리이기도 하다. 

금일 신제품 출시 행사에서는 볼보트럭의 전 라인업에 해당하는 FH, FM, FMX 시리즈의 덤프트럭과 트랙터, 카고트럭 등 총 9가지 모델이 공개되었다. 이번에 발표된 신제품은 차체 엔진과 내, 외부 디자인 및 설계는 물론 작은 부품인 볼트 하나까지도 모두 교체되어 기존 모델과는 완전히 차별화되는 완전히 새로운 차원의 트럭이다. 제품 개발에 30억 달러 이상의 비용과 엔지니어링에만 1,400 만 이상의 시간이 투입되었다. 더불어, 보다 완벽한 품질과 성능을 위해 총 2,100만 킬로미터에 달하는 주행테스트를 진행했고 이는 적도를 따라 전세계를 525회 운전하는 것과 같은 거리이다. 이와 같은 노력이 응집된 볼보트럭의 신모델 시리즈는 가장 현대적이고 혁신적인 기능과 디자인을 자랑하는 역대 최고의 제품이며. 운전자를 최우선으로 고려한 설계를 기반으로 트럭의 가동성과 연료 효율성을 높여 운용 생산성과 수익성을 극대화한다.     

볼보의 새로운 시리즈는 세계 최고 수준의 기술 혁신을 보여주는 볼보 다이나믹 스티어링 (Volvo Dynamic Steering, VDS)을 전 모델에 기본 장착해 동종 트럭 중에서 가장 뛰어난 핸들링을 제공한다. 고급 승용차의 핸들링 수준을 월등히 뛰어넘는 볼보 다이나믹 스티어링을 통해 새로워진 스티어링 샤프트가 운전대의 움직임을 훨씬 더 직접적으로 기어박스에 전달하고 이 움직임이 바퀴에도 직접 전달됨으로써 운전자가 도로 상태에 대해 명확하게 느끼고 대응할 수 있다. 노면 상태나 차량의 속도와 방향 전환, 풍속 등의 자연 상태 등 어떤 주행 환경에서도 차체가 안정적으로 유지되면서 운전자가 큰 힘을 들이지 않고 운전대를 조작할 수 있어 안전과 운전 편의성 면에서 최고 수준을 구현한다.   

또한, 볼보가 자랑하는 인공지능 자동변속기 I-시프트 (I-Shift)를 기본 탑재하고 있어, 신속하고 부드러운 변속이 가능한 것은 물론, 고출력의 토크를 발휘하여 우수한 주행성능과 월등히 높은 연비를 구현했다. 또한, 볼보의 다이나플릿 시스템 (Dynafleet System)은 운전 중에 지속적으로 연료 소비량을 확인할 수 있어 운전자들이 연료를 절감하는 데 실질적인 도움을 주는 기능이다. 

Hasselblad H3DII-50 | Manual | 1/180sec | F/11.0 | ISO-400 | 2013:02:27 11:37:04

기존 트럭의 한계를 뛰어넘는 프리미엄 트럭, FH 시리즈

새로운 볼보 시리즈 가운데서 가장 대표적인 플래그십 모델은 볼보 FH시리즈이다. 볼보 FH시리즈는 운전자 중심의 설계와 연료 효율성을 중점으로 개발된 모델로 내구성, 인체공학적 디자인은 물론 뛰어난 핸들링, 강화된 안전장치와 시간 절약 기능까지 장시간의 운행에 최적화된 기존 트럭의 한계를 뛰어넘는 프리미엄 제품이다. 

새로운 볼보 FH시리즈는 540 마력에서부터 700마력까지 다양한 엔진사양으로 만나볼 수 있다. FH는 1,450-1,900rpm에서 최대 540마력을 자랑하는 13리터 엔진을 장착해, 최저 1,050rpm에서도 265kg.m의 균일한 토크의 힘을 발휘한다. 또한, FH16은 최대 700 마력의 강력한 힘과 함께 1,000-1,550rpm 에서 최대 321kg.m의 토크로 뛰어난 연료효율성을 자랑하는 동급 최강의 모델이다. 

이처럼 뛰어난 성능과 연료 효율성 및 편의성을 자랑하는 새로운 볼보 FH시리즈는 볼보트럭의 대표적 플래그십 모델로서 ‘2014년 올해의 글로벌 트럭(International Truck of the Year 2014)’으로 선정된 바 있으며 세계적인 디자인 상인 ‘레드닷 디자인 어워드 (red dot)’ 와 ‘IF 디자인 어워드’에서도 수상하면서 그 우수한 디자인을 인정 받았다.  

만능 플레이어, FM 시리즈

볼보 FM시리즈는 최고의 유연성과 운송 효율성을 보여주는 만능 플레이어다. 장시간 운전은 물론 도시 환경에 적합하게 설계되었다. 더불어, 차량 무게의 경량화, 차축의 배열 변화, 향상된 샤시 유연성을 갖춘 데다 특장회사와의 인터페이스가 탁월해 고객의 작업 환경에 따라 개별 맞춤화가 가능하다. FM 11은 최저1,600rpm에서 최대1,900rpm 범위에서 450마력의 힘을 발휘하며 950-1,400 rpm 에서 219kg.m의 토크를 보여준다. FM은 최대 500마력의 동급 최강의 힘과 1,050-1,400rpm에서 255kg.m의 출력이 가능하다. 

Hasselblad H3DII-50 | Manual | 5sec | F/25.0 | ISO-50 | 2010:11:26 14:56:59

최고의 건설장비 트럭, FMX시리즈

FMX시리즈는 건설작업에 적합한 최고의 건설장비 트럭으로 생산성과 내구성이 획기적으로 향상되었으며 새롭게 추가된 후륜 에어 서스펜션 시스템을 통해서 안락성과 이동성이 크게 개선되었다. 또한, 전면 구조에 사용된 모든 부품들을 고강력 강판 구조로 다시 설계하고 대다수를 기존의 위치에서 재배열하여 험한 건설 작업 현장에서도 끄덕없는 내구성을 자랑한다. FMX제품은 1,400-1,900rpm에서 최대 500마력의 힘의 구현이 가능한 D13C엔진을 탑재, 최저 1,050rpm에서도 255kg.m의 출력이 가능하다. 

그 외에도, 새로운 볼보 FH, FM, FMX시리즈의 곳곳에서 운전자를 최우선으로 고려해 설계한 배려가 돋보인다. 작업과 동시에 편안한 휴식공간의 역할을 하는 최적의 환경과 더 넓은 수납공간을 제공하는 운전석, 인체공학적으로 설계되어 사용 편의성과 안전성을 극대화한 계기판, 제품과 부품을 모니터 하는 진보된 개념의 텔레매틱스 기술 등 고객에게 최고의 차량 운용 효율성을 제공한다. 

특히, 볼보트럭은 이번 새로운 모델을 구입하는 고객들에게 부품 마모 및 트럭 상태를 원격으로 모니터링 하고 수리를 받을 수 있는 골드 서비스 및 운전자 교육 훈련 패키지 등을 제공할 예정이다. 

이와 더불어, 볼보트럭은 이번 행사를 위해 방문한 1,600여명에 달하는 아•태 지역 각국의 고객과 딜러를 대상으로 경기도 평택 소재의 볼보트럭 종합출고센터에서 새로이 출시한 전 모델에 걸친 대대적인 시승행사도 가질 예정이다. 

/ Photo & Media provided by  볼보트럭코리아  Press Release
/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh
/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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2014.05.07 14:55

30 years of the BMW M5. On News/Car2014.05.07 14:55

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NIKON D800 | Manual | 10sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:08 05:14:14

Munich. To mark the 30-year anniversary of the BMW M5 – the founder member of the high-performance business sedan segment – BMW has come up with an exclusive, special-edition version of the current, fifth-generation model boasting performance that sets it apart from its stablemates. 

NIKON D800 | Manual | 1sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:06 02:27:27

NIKON D800 | Manual | 1/3sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:06 07:08:08

The BMW M5 “30 Jahre M5” (30 years of the M5) will be produced in a limited run of 300 examples vehicles worldwide. Developing 441 kW/600 hp and peak torque of 700 Nm (516 lb-ft), the new special-edition model (fuel consumption combined: 9.9 l/100 km [28.5 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 231 g/km) is not only the most powerful BMW M5 ever to emerge from series production under the auspices of BMW M GmbH, but also the most powerful car in the history of the brand. The “30 Jahre M5” sprints from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in a lightning 3.9 seconds. Its strikingly exclusive, BMW Individual-inspired looks and numerous dynamics and comfort-enhancing equipment details make this special edition a highly desirable collector’s item.

NIKON D800 | Manual | 4sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:06 12:25:47

NIKON D800 | Manual | 8sec | F/18.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:06 11:43:12

NIKON D800 | Manual | 6sec | F/18.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:07 03:35:55

NIKON D800 | Manual | 10sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:07 07:04:21

NIKON D800 | Manual | 6sec | F/16.0 | ISO-400 | 2014:02:07 08:51:43

NIKON D800 | Manual | 2sec | F/18.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:07 02:39:56

NIKON D800 | Manual | 20sec | F/36.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:07 09:51:51

NIKON D800 | Manual | 1/2sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:02:06 10:20:45

/ Photo & Media provided by BMW Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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2014.04.21 11:17

BMW, 2014 베이징 모터쇼 참가 On News/Car2014.04.21 11:17

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Credo 60 | Manual | 1sec | F/11.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:03:12 19:55:51

BMW는 올해 베이징 모터쇼에서 다양한 모델들의 아시아 및 중국 데뷔 무대를 계획하고 있다. 모든 모델은 더욱 세분되어 가는 고객 요구 사항을 충족하는 한편, 일부 모델은 전혀 새로운 세그먼트를 창조해낼 것으로 기대를 모으고 있다. BMW는 이번 베이징 모터쇼에 BMW 비전 퓨처 럭셔리 컨셉카를 세계 최초로 공개하면서 BMW의 미래지향적인 기술을 보여줄 계획이다. 또한, 새로운 스포츠 액티비티 쿠페 모델인 뉴 X4를 선보이고, 공간 기능성에 주력한 완전히 새로운 개념의 프리미엄 소형차 뉴 2시리즈 액티브 투어러와 뉴 M3 세단, M4 쿠페가 아시아 데뷔 무대를 치른다. 특히, 말(馬)의 해를 기념하여, 중국 시장에 특별히 선보이는 BMW 7시리즈 호스 에디션이 눈길을 끈다. 이 외에도 새로운 4도어 쿠페 모델인 4시리즈 그란 쿠페와 BMW 최초의 순수 전기차 i3와 플러그인 하이브리드 스포츠카 i8을 선보인다.


BMW 주요   출품차량  

- BMW 비전 퓨처 럭셔리 컨셉(세계 최초 공개)

- BMW 뉴 X4 (아시아 최초 공개)

- BMW 뉴 2시리즈 액티브 투어러(아시아 최초 공개)

- BMW 뉴 4시리즈 그란 쿠페

- BMW 뉴 2시리즈 쿠페

- BMW 뉴 M3 세단 (아시아 최초 공개)

- BMW 뉴 M4 쿠페 (아시아 최초 공개)

- BMW 7시리즈 호스(HORSE) 에디션

- BMW i3

- BMW i8

P65+ | 5sec | F/11.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:03:29 18:54:31


BMW 비전   퓨처   럭셔리   컨셉 (BMW Vision Future Luxury concept)

BMW 비전 퓨처 럭셔리 컨셉은 BMW가 오랜 기간 추구해온 럭셔리 세단의 통찰력을 미래지향적인 새로운 시각으로 나타낸다. BMW 브랜드의 DNA에 있어 혁신적인 기술력과 현대적인 고급스러움은 가장 중요한 요소다. 이 모델은 뛰어난 디자인과 혁신적인 기술 등을 통해 시장을 이끌어 가는 BMW의 비전을 매우 직관적으로 담았다.


BMW 비전 퓨처 럭셔리 컨셉은 특히 디자인을 통해 이러한 철학을 잘 전달하고 있다. 측면에서 봤을 때 정밀하고 깔끔한 비율이 타의 추종을 불허하는 우아함을 잘 나타낸다. 긴 휠베이스와 짧은 오버행은 실루엣에 세련된 역동성을 준다. BMW 고유의 스타일에서 미세하게 제작된 실루엣은 차량 측면을 따라 원형의 라인을 만들고 이 라인 아래의 볼륨감 있는 외관은 BMW가 늘 그래왔던 것 처럼 숙련된 디자이너들에 의해 만들어진다. 이 수작업으로 조각된 디자인은 컴퓨터가 구현할 수 있는 것을 넘어 차량 표면에 특별한 감성적 매력을 주는데 이는 따뜻하고 반짝이는 효과를 주는 리퀴드 타입의 백금 청동을 사용한 외부 도장으로 더욱 강조되었다.

쿠페 스타일의 루프라인과 비스듬한 트렁크, 안정감있는 외관의 표면과 균일하고 정교한 마무리는 최적의 공기의 흐름을 제공한다. 한편, 문틀 부분에 있는 우아한 카본 스트립은 알루미늄과 카본을 기본으로 한 혁신적인 경량 엔지니어링 컨셉트를 잘 보여준다.


실내 디자인은 형태와 혁신적인 기능 모두를 아우르는데, 멀티 레이어 방식의 개별적인 구성요소와 명확한 기하학적 구조가 조화되어 하나의 통합적인 구조를 만들어 낸다. 특히, 카본 소재를 실내 곳곳에 적용해 경량화 실현했다. 뒷좌석에는 카본 소재로 둘러진 2개의 디스플레이, 터치 커맨드 태블릿 스크린이 BMW 비전 퓨처 럭셔리의 통합된 유저 인터페이스를 보여준다. 이 디스플레이는 전면 디스플레이와 함께 BMW 커넥티드드라이브(ConnectedDrive) 비스와 통신을 할 수 있으며 뮤직 스트리밍, 동영상, 게임 등 다양한 온라인 엔터테인먼트 기능을 제공한다. 또한, 뒷좌석의 탑승자를 위해 럭셔리한 개인공간을 제공하는데 두 개의 크고 깊은 형태의 싱글 시트는 자신만의 안락한 공간을 보장해 준다.


또한, BMW 비전 헤드업 디스플에이(Vision Head Up Display)가 최초로 적용되었다. 기존 운전자만 볼 수 있었던 헤드업 디스플레이와 달리 주행 정보가 앞 유리창 가운데에 표시되어 동승자와 같이 정보를 공유하고 컨트롤할 수 있다는 특징이다.


BMW 비전 퓨처 럭셔리 컨셉에 적용된 BMW 레이저 라이트는 BMW가 독자적으로 개발한 기술로, 전력 소모가 적고 주변 온도를 높이지 않으면서 훨씬 더 밝은 빛을 발산하는 것이 특징이다. 조사 거리는 최대 600m에 달하는데, 이는 일반적인 LED 라이트의 두 배에 달하는 수치다. 에너지 효율 또한 LED 라이트보다 30% 더 높다. 또한, L자 모양의 리어 램프에는 BMW 최초로 OLED(유기발광다이오드) 방식이 적용되었다. 자동차 조명의 새로운 시대를 여는 OLED는 기존 LED 보다 더욱 얇고, 가벼우며 모든 표면에서 균일하게 빛을 발생한다.


BMW 뉴 X4

BMW 뉴 X4는 X6를 잇는 완전히 새로운 스포츠 액티비티 쿠페(Sports Activity Coupe)다. 새로운 세대의 X 패밀리 고유의 유전자가 접목되어 강렬하고 다이내믹한 인상과 우아하고 세련된 미적 감각을 동시에 자아낸다. 특히, BMW X3보다 20mm 낮은 시트 포지션과 2시트 형태의 뒷좌석은 쿠페의 캐릭터를 더욱 강조하고, 기본 40:20:40 분할 접이식 뒷좌석 등받이는 여유롭고, 스마트한 공간 활용성을 제공한다.


BMW X4의 스포티한 특징은 역동적인 실루엣과 비율로 더욱 부각되는데, 전장 4,671mm, 전폭 1,881mm, 전고 1,624mm 길이의 바디는 스포티하면서도 파워가 넘치는 강인한 측면과 함께 우아함을 잘 보여준다. 전면부의 바깥쪽 가장자리에 위치한 대형 공기 흡입구와 프론트 에이프런의 캐릭터 라인은 트윈 헤드라이트와 함께 X4의 스포티한 캐릭터를 더욱 강조한다. 운전석 위에서부터 후면까지 낮게 떨어지는 쿠페 루프라인과 BMW 특유의 측면 스웨이지 라인은 BMW X4만의 역동성과 우아함을 나타내고, 후면의 L자형 LED 리어램프는 야성적인 인상을 강조해 준다.


BMW 이피션트다이내믹스(EfficientDynamics) 기술이 적용된 최첨단의 BMW 트윈파워 터보 엔진은 강력한 성능과 효율성을 발휘한다. BMW X4 xDrive35i는 최고출력 306마력, 최대토크 40.8kg·m의 뛰어난 성능을 발휘하고, 정지 상태에서 100㎞/h까지 5.6초에 도달한다. 3.0ℓ 직렬 6기통 엔진을 탑재한 BMW X4 xDrive35d는 최고출력 313마력과 최대토크 64.2kg·m의 힘을 발휘하며, 정지 상태에서 100km/h까지 가속시간은 5.2초에 불과하다. 2.0ℓ 디젤 엔진과 스텝트로닉 8단 변속기를 탑재한 BMW X4 xDrive20d는 최고출력 190마력과 최대토크 40.8kg·m의 힘을 발휘한다.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Manual | 1/15sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2013:10:24 18:06:40

BMW 뉴 2 시리즈   액티브   투어러

BMW 뉴 2시리즈 액티브 투어러는 BMW의 대표적인 가치인 역동적인 주행력과 함께 스타일리시한 디자인, 우아하고 안락한 공간 기능성을 한꺼번에 아우르며 프리미엄 소형차 분야에 새로운 클래스를 만들어 낼 준비를 마쳤다. 뉴 2시리즈 액티브 투어러는 새로운 2시리즈의 두 번째 모델로, 스포티한 존재감과 조화로운 비율로 쿠페의 발자취를 고스란히 따르고 있다.


엔진은 최첨단 BMW 이피션트다이내믹스(EfficientDynamics) 기술과 새로운 터보차저가 적용된 신형 3기통과 4기통 엔진이 탑재된다. 엔진 라인업에 따라 최소 134마력에서 최대 228마력까지 힘을 발휘한다. 다양성과 기능성 측면에서 프리미엄 소형차의 특정 요구 사항을 충족하기 위해 특별히 전륜 구동 시스템이 적용되었다. 차체 크기는 전장 4,342mm, 전폭 1,800mm, 전고 1,555mm로 1시리즈보다 더욱 커졌으며, 트렁크 공간은 468ℓ로 뒷좌석을 모두 접으면 최대 1,510ℓ까지 확장할 수 있다.


BMW 뉴 4 시리즈   그란   쿠페

BMW 뉴 4시리즈 그란 쿠페는 BMW의 지속적인 모델 범위의 확장을 보여준다. 쿠페와 컨버터블에 이어 4시리즈의 3번째 모델로 데뷔한 그란 쿠페는 4도어 및 균형 잡힌 차체 비율을 바탕으로 동급보다 길고 넓어졌으며 역동적인 모습을 자랑한다. 뉴 4시리즈 그란 쿠페는 쿠페 특유의 매끄러운 유선형 외관과 함께, 4도어와 넓게 열리는 트렁크 등의 실용성까지 갖추고 있다.


BMW 뉴 4시리즈 그란 쿠페는 전장 4,638mm, 전폭 1,825mm, 휠베이스 2,810mm로, 2도어 쿠페의 치수와 같다. 이 두 모델은 전면부 모양도 동일하여, 더블 키드니 그릴, 듀얼 라운드 헤드라이트, 프런트 에이프런의 거대한 공기 흡입구 같은 BMW의 전형적인 디자인을 공유한다. 하지만 루프는 BMW 뉴 4시리즈 그란 쿠페가 12mm 더 높고, 112mm 더 길며, 완만한 곡선을 그리면서 트렁크쪽으로 곡선이 부드럽게 흐른다. BMW의 전형적인 짧은 오버행, 긴 보닛, 후방 깊숙이 자리 잡은 실내는 뉴 4시리즈 그란 쿠페의 디자인을 보완하며 완벽한 균형과 압도적인 존재감을 동시에 표현한다.


길어진 루프라인은 BMW 뉴 4시리즈 그란 쿠페의 우아함과 세련미를 강조하면서, 중형차 부문에서 새로운 미학 기준을 제시한다. 또한 실내 공간의 안락함은 물론, 더욱 늘어난 헤드룸을 제공한다. 4개의 도어를 갖춰 탑승자가 편리하게 차에 타고 내릴 수 있으며, 프레임이 없는 도어 디자인은 BMW 중형 쿠페의 특징적인 디자인으로 고급스러운 차량 콘셉트를 강조한다.  4+1인승 자동차의 기능적인 우아함은 눈에 띄는 블랙 패널 룩의 라운드 인스트루먼트 및 프리스탠딩 플랫스크린 iDrive 모니터로 더욱 두드러진다. 접근이 쉬운 넓은 트렁크 입구와 여유로운 적재 공간으로 짐을 싣고 내리기가 더욱 편리하다. 트렁크 용량은 2도어 버전보다 35ℓ 늘어난 480ℓ로 최대 1,300ℓ까지 확장할 수 있다. BMW 뉴 420d 그란 쿠페는 최고출력 184마력을, 뉴 435i는 최고출력 306마력의 힘을 발휘한다.

BMW 뉴 2 시리즈   쿠페

BMW 뉴 2시리즈 쿠페는 1시리즈 쿠페의 혈통을 계승하는 새로운 시리즈로 스포티한 주행력과 심미적인 매력을 동시에 갖췄다. 1시리즈 쿠페보다 휠베이스가 30mm 더 길어졌으며, 전장은 72mm, 전폭은 32mm 늘어났다. 또한 프런트 헤드룸과 리어 레그룸이 확장돼 실내 거주성을 고려했고, 트렁크 용량도 20ℓ가 늘어난 390ℓ의 적재공간을 갖췄다. 곡선으로 표현되는 차량 측면은 날카로운 직선과 함께 역동적인 형상을 부각하며, BMW 쿠페의 전통적인 프레임리스 윈도우가 적용됐다. 키드니 그릴과 앞범퍼의 크기는 기존 1시리즈보다 더욱 커졌으며, 차량 후면은 살짝 위로 올라간 듯한 디자인으로 날렵한 이미지를 강조한다.


BMW 뉴 220d는 모두 최고출력 184마력의 힘을 발휘한다. 2시리즈의 고성능 모델인 M235i 쿠페는 직렬 6기통 3.0ℓ 터보 가솔린 엔진을 장착, 최고 출력 326마력, 최대 토크 45.9kg·m, 최고 시속은 250km이며, 정지 상태에서 100㎞/h까지 가속 시간은 4.8초에 불과하다.


IQ160 | 7sec | F/11.0 | ISO-100 | 2013:11:08 09:56:27

IQ160 | 7sec | F/12.0 | ISO-100 | 2013:11:07 09:40:29

BMW 뉴 M3 세단 & 뉴 M4 쿠페

새로운 M의 출발을 상징하는 뉴 M3 세단과 뉴 M4 쿠페가 베이징 모터쇼에서 아시아 최초로 공개된다. BMW 뉴 M3는 2도어 쿠페를 벗어나 4도어 세단으로 선보이고, 뉴 M4 쿠페는 M3의 전통을 새롭게 해석한 2도어 쿠페 모델로 탄생했다.


BMW M3와 M4는 기존 모델보다 차체는 더욱 가벼워지고, 출력은 더욱 향상되었다. 기존 4.0ℓ V8 자연 흡기 엔진 대신 3.0ℓ 직렬 6기통 BMW M 트윈파워 터보 엔진을 장착했다. 새로워진 엔진의 무게는 기존 V8 엔진보다 약 10kg 가볍고 강력해져 최고출력 431마력과 최대토크 56.1kg·m의 성능을 발휘한다. 출력과 토크는 각각 11마력, 15.2kg.m 향상되었고 ℓ당 출력은 143마력으로 38마력 증가했다. 이는 M 디비전의 모든 모델 중 가장 높은 수치다. 더불어 밸브 타이밍을 제어하는 밸브트로닉 기술과 더블바노스 연속 가변 캠샤프트 타이밍 기술이 적용되었다.


BMW M3와 M4는 차량 전면부의 대형 공기 흡입구와 측면의 매끄러운 차체 라인, 그리고 낮게 떨어진 후면 디자인을 적용해 역동적인 주행 성능과 기민성을 동시에 강조한다. 프런트 스플린터와 루프, 리어 디퓨저는 탄소섬유 강화 플라스틱 소재로 정교하게 만들어져 경량화를 이루었다.


차량 앞부분에 위치한 3개의 공기 흡입구를 통해 엔진과 브레이크 시스템으로 냉각 공기가 전달되며, 공기 흡입구 측면에 수직으로 형성된 에어 커튼과 펜더에 위치한 에어 브리더는 휠 하우스 부분의 공기 흐름을 원활하게 만들어 공기 역학성을 높인다.

Hasselblad CF-39MS - Hasselblad H2 | Manual | 40sec | F/25.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:03:24 15:05:16


BMW 7 시리즈   호스 (HORSE) 에디션

2014년 ‘말(馬)의 해’를 맞아 중국 시장에 BMW 플래그십 럭셔리 세단인 7시리즈의 호스(HORSE) 에디션도 선보인다. BMW 740Li xDrive 호스 에디션은 앞좌석 헤드 레스트에 한자 “馬”를 새기는 등, 인테리어 곳곳에 말을 상징하는 다양한 그래픽 요소를 적용하였다. 또한, 인디비주얼 페인트 옵션과 M 스포츠 패키지를 적용, 고급스러움과 역동성을 더욱 강조했다.


BMW i3, i8

BMW i는 BMW 최초의 양산형 순수 전기차인 i3와 전 세계에서 가장 진보적인 스포츠카로서의 입지를 굳히고 있는 i8을 동시에 선보이며 BMW의 미래지향적인 콘셉트를 광범위하게 드러낼 계획이다. 이 두 모델은 프리미엄 주행 범위 안에서 새로운 지속가능성에 초점을 둔 모델로 정평이 나 있다.


BMW i의 첫 양산 모델인 i3는 배기가스 배출 제로의 프리미엄 모델로 드라이빙의 즐거움을 선사한다. BMW 그룹 최초의 순수 전기차 양산 모델인 i3는 도시 주행 환경에서 운전의 즐거움과 지속 가능성, 그리고 차량 외부와의 연결성 면에서 이전에 경험하지 못한 새롭고 혁신적인 방법을 제시하고 있다. BMW i의 비전이 담긴 디자인에는 BMW가 제시하는 스포티함은 물론, 4인승 차량의 실용적인 면이 반영되어 있다.


BMW i3는 최적의 균형과 무게 배분에 대한 혁신적인 성능 연구를 통해 BMW의 전통인 ‘운전의 즐거움’을 그대로 실현한다. 여기에서 핵심적인 요소가 바로 LifeDrive구조와 BMW eDrive 기술이다. 먼저 LifeDrive 구조는 넉넉한 공간, 뛰어난 주행 성능, 배터리와 승객을 위한 높은 수준의 안전성에, 경량차체를 실현한 새로운 BMW 차체구조다. LifeDrive는 드라이브 모듈과 라이프 모듈 등 2개의 분리된 독립적 기능과 구조로 구성된다. 드라이브 모듈은 차량의 서스펜션, 배터리, 드라이브 시스템 등의 동력장치로 설계되어 있으며 대부분 알루미늄으로 제작됐다. 탑승공간을 구성하고 있는 라이프 모듈은 탄소섬유강화플라스틱(CFRP) 신소재가 사용된다.


BMW i3의 성능을 실현하는 BMW e 드라이브 또한 새로운 혁신을 이뤄냈다. 차량 후륜 차축에 가까이 장착된 전기모터는 접지력을 증가시켜 도시 주행에 필요한 즉각적인 응답성을 발휘한다. 또한, 전기모터에서 발생하는 즉각적인 출력은 단단한 서스펜션 설정과 정확한 조향성, 최소 회전반경(9.86m)과 연결되어 BMW만의 역동적인 전기 이동성을 자랑한다. 이 전기모터의 최고출력은 170마력, 최대토크는 25.4kg.m이며 무게는 50kg에 불과하지만 전기차 분야에서 전례 없는 수준의 전력 밀도와 반응성을 실현한다. 정지상태에서 시속 60km까지 도달하는 데 걸리는 시간은 불과 3.7초, 시속 100km까지 도달하는 데에는 7.2초면 충분하다.


BMW i8은 BMW 최초의 플러그인 하이브리드 모델이자 전 세계 최초의 미래지향적 스포츠카다. BMW i8은 BMW i 시리즈의 두 번째 모델로서, BMW가 추구하는 혁신적인 드라이빙의 즐거움을 선사하며, 지속가능성을 표방하는 획기적이고 고급스러운 기능들을 갖추고 있다.


BMW i8에는 BMW 이피션트다이내믹스의 가장 최신 기술인 플러그인 하이브리드 시스템이 적용됐다. BMW 트윈파워 터보 기술이 적용된 고성능의 3기통 가솔린 엔진(최고출력 231마력, 최대토크 32.6kg·m)은 6단 자동변속기를 통해 출력을 차량 뒤축에 전달하고, BMW i8에 최적화된 하이브리드 동기모터(최고출력 131마력, 최대토크 25.5kg·m)는 2단 자동변속기를 통해 출력을 차량 앞축에 전달한다. 이러한 BMW 트윈파워 터보 기술과 지능형 에너지 관리 시스템이 적용된 BMW eDrive 기술의 결합을 통해 최고출력 362마력과 최대토크 58.1kg·m을 발휘한다. BMW i8의 성능은 일반 스포츠카의 특징을 그대로 구현하면서 정지상태에서 시속 100km까지 4.4초 만에 도달하며, 약 40km/l의 소형차 연료 효율성과 배기가스 배출량(EU 기준)을 실현한다. 

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2014.04.21 11:11

MINI, 2014 베이징 모터쇼 참가. On News/Car2014.04.21 11:11

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프리미엄 소형차 브랜드 MINI는 4월 23일부터 29일까지 중국의 수도 베이징에서 진행되는 2014베이징 모터쇼에서 뉴 MINI 페이스맨과 뉴 MIMNI 컨트리맨, 3세대 뉴 MINI등 최신 모델들을 공개한다.


특히 이번 2014 베이징모터쇼에서 세계 최초로 업그레이드된 뉴 MINI 페이스맨를 선보인다. 프리미엄 컴팩트 부문 최초의 스포츠 액티비티 쿠페(SAC) 모델로 이번 베이징 모터쇼의 하이라이트를 장식할 것으로 기대된다. 또한MINI의 독창적인 컨셉과 현대적인 스포츠 액티비티 비히클(SAV)의 명맥을 잇는 뉴 MINI컨트리맨도 아시아에서 최초로 공개된다.


MINI 주요   출품차량  

- 뉴 MINI 페이스맨(세계 최초 공개)

- 뉴 MINI 컨트리맨(아시아 최초 공개)

- 3세대 뉴 MINI (Hatch)


뉴 MINI 페이스맨

2014 베이징 모터쇼를 통해 세계 최초로 공개되는 뉴 MINI 페이스맨은 프리미엄 컴팩트 부문에서 세계 최초로 출시된 스포츠 액티비티 쿠페(SAC)로 2개의 도어, 대형 테일게이트, 역동적인 라인, 파워풀한 주행능력을 갖춘 모델이다.


뉴 MINI 페이스맨에는 강력하고 효율적인 가솔린과 디젤 4기통 엔진이 장착되었으며, 고성능 모델인 뉴 MINI 존 쿠퍼 웍스 페이스맨 모델에는 더욱 강력한4기통 터보 엔진이 탑재되어 다이내믹한 운전의 재미를 보장한다. 이와 함께 MINI 페이스맨 ALL4모델에는 MINI ALL4 사륜구동 시스템이 장착되어 강력한 구동력과 주행 안정성, 스포티한 코너링을 제공한다.


대형 전조등과 육각형 라디에이터 그릴 윤곽, 더욱 가벼워진 경합금 휠, 뒤로 갈수록 내려가는 루프라인과 점점 좁아지는 사이드 윈도우 디자인이 차체의 날렵한 외형을 더욱 돋보이게 한다. 여기에 옵션으로LED 안개등과 MINI 최초로 피아노 블랙 외장 패키지가 제공되어 해당 옵션을 선택 시 크롬 장식이 피아노 블랙 색상의 마감으로 교체된다.


이와 더불어 뉴 MINI 페이스맨의 기능성을 강조하는 센터 레일 수납 시스템과 뒷좌석 등받이를 개별적으로 접어 적재공간을 330리터에서 최대 1,080리터까지 확장할 수 있다.


또한 3세대 뉴 MINI의 특징인 MINI 커넥티드(MINI Connected) 기능도 적용되어 다양한 엔터테인먼트와 온라인 기능을 제공한다. 


뉴 MINI 컨트리맨

2014 베이징 모터쇼에 아시아 최초로 공개되는 뉴 MINI 컨트리맨은 MINI 최초로 전장이 4m가 넘는 모델이자, 독특한 비율과 외형치수, 높아진 최저 지상고, 다양한 배치가 가능한 넓은 인테리어가 특징이다.


모델 별로 4기통 가솔린 또는 디젤 엔진 장착되었으며, 뉴 MINI 쿠퍼 S 컨트리맨 모델의 4기통 가솔린 엔진에는 트윈 스크롤 터보차저가 장착되어 최고출력 190마력, 최대 토크는 24.5kgㆍm의 힘을 발휘한다. 정지상태에서 100 km/h까지 가속하는 데 걸리는 시간은 7.8초다. 이처럼 강력해진 엔진 성능에도 모든 모델의 연비가 향상되고 배기가스 배출량이 낮아져 EU6 배기가스 기준을 충족시킨다. 


개성적인 뉴 MINI 컨트리맨의 외관은 새롭게 구성된 육각형 라디에이터 그릴 구조와 함께 더욱 강인한 인상을 보여준다. 또한 MINI ALL4 사륜 구동시스템이 장착된 모델에는 정면과 후면 에이프런과 측면 스커트 부분에 외장 하단 커버 보호장치가 포함된다. (뉴 MINI JCW 컨트리맨 모델 제외) 여기에 컨트리맨 최초로 LED 안개등이 옵션사항으로 제공되며 MINI 최초 '피아노 블랙' 외장 패키지가 옵션으로 지원된다.


다이내믹한 주행 옵션도 추가되었다. 모든 모델에는 스포츠 모드가 적용되며 스포츠 모드로 주행 시 스티어링 휠과 가속페달의 반응성 및 기어 변속점이 변경된다. 타이어 공기압 컨트롤 장치도 추가되어 각 타이어의 공기압이 새는 경우 운전자에게 위험 신호를 알려준다. 또한 모델별로 스마트폰을 차량에 연결하여 인포테인먼트, 통신 및 주행 체험 분야의 인터넷 기반 서비스를 사용할 수 있는 MINI 커넥티드 기능과 적응식 코너링 라이트, 컴포트 액세스 장치, 파노라마-유리 패널식 선루프, 자동 냉난방 시스템, 탈착식 트레일러 장치 등 최고급 사양의 혁신적인 옵션들이 적용됐다.


뉴 MINI 컨트리맨은 고성능에 초점을 맞춘 최상급 모델 뉴 MINI 존 쿠퍼 웍스 컨트리맨 모델로도 구성되며, MINI를 위해 특별히 개발된 ALL4 사륜구동 시스템은 뉴 MINI 쿠퍼 S 컨트리맨에는 옵션, 뉴 MINI 존 쿠퍼 웍스 컨트리맨에는 기본으로 제공된다. 


뉴 MINI (Hatch)

프리미엄 소형차 MINI의 3세대 모델인 ‘뉴 MINI’는 MINI 고유의 디자인 헤리티지는 유지하면서도 엔진을 비롯한 내장재들이 풀 체인지 되어 MINI 브랜드 역사상 최고의 퍼포먼스를 발휘한다.


뉴 MINI 에는 새로운 MINI 트윈파워(TwinPower) 터보 기술이 적용된 1.5리터 3기통 가솔린 엔진이 장착됐으며 최고출력 136마력, 최대토크 22.4kgㆍm의 힘을 발휘한다. 2세대 MINI와 비교해 볼 때 엔진 기통 수는 다운사이징 된 반면, 성능은 더욱 극대화됐다. 출력은 122마력에서 136마력으로 14마력 더 늘어났으며, 정지 상태에서 100㎞/h까지 가속하는 데 걸리는 시간은 이전보다 2.6초 앞당긴 7.8초로 단축됐다. 안전최고속도는 210㎞/h로, 13㎞/h 늘어나는 등 혁신적인 성능을 구현한다.


최상급 모델인 뉴 MINI 쿠퍼 S는 2.0리터 4기통 터보 가솔린 엔진으로 최고출력 192마력, 최대토크 28.6 kgㆍm, 정지 상태에서 100㎞/h까지 단 6.7초에 도달하며, 안전최고속도는 233km/h에서 제한된다.


차 특히 차체 크기가 확장되어 쿠퍼 기준으로 기존 2세대 MINI보다 98mm 길고 전폭은 44m, 전고는 7mm 더 높아졌다. 더 커진 차체 덕분에 커브 기민성과 승차감뿐만 아니라 탑승자 사용 공간과 트렁크 용량이 211리터로 더욱 넓어졌다.


프리미엄 세단에서나 적용되던 고급 옵션들도 대거 장착되었다. 드라이빙 모드는 기존의 스포츠(SPORT) 모드와 미드(MID) 모드에 그린(GREEN) 모드가 추가되어 더욱 다양하고 개성 넘치는 주행을 즐길 수 있다.


외관은 MINI 최초로 풀 LED 헤드램프와 리어램프가 적용되어 세련미를 더했고, 인테리어에도 다양한 사용자 편의 옵션들이 적용되었다. 차량 중간에 설치된 원 형태의 계기판에는 최대 8.8인치 컬러 디스플레이가 장착된다. 디스플레이에는 내비게이션 시스템, 엔터테인먼트, 전화 및 차량 상태가 표시되며 이 모든 조작은 변속 레벨 주변에 위치한 미니 컨트롤러를 통해 조작이 이뤄진다. 디스플레이 주변은 LED 링이 감싸고 있어 주행 상태가 변할 때마다 색깔이 변하면서 시각적인 피드백을 표시한다.


3세대 MINI의 고성능 모델인 ‘뉴 MINI 쿠퍼 S’에는 MINI 최초로 헤드업 디스플레이가 기본 적용됐다. 헤드업 디스플레이에는 주행속도와 내비게이션 안내 등이 그래픽으로 표시되어 운전 중 도로 상황에 더 집중할 수 있게 해준다.

/ Photo & Media provided by  BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Manual | 1/500sec | F/6.3 | ISO-1000 | 2014:04:12 14:40:16

Nürburgring (DE), 12th April 2014. Proud first-time winners have taken victory in the VLN Endurance Championship’s first race in the new BMW M235i Racing Cup Class: Adrenalin Motorsport took the top spot on the podium with Daniel Zils (DE), Norbert Fischer (DE) and Uwe Ebertz (DE). Team Scheid-Partl Motorsport’s new “Eifelblitz” finished in second place with Max Partl (DE) and Jörg Weidinger (DE) behind the wheel. Third place on the podium in the CUP5 Class was secured by Adrenalin Motorsport’s second car, driven by Guido Wirtz (DE), Christopher M. Rink (DE) and Oleg Kvitka (RU).

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Manual | 1/640sec | F/6.3 | ISO-400 | 2014:04:12 10:22:23

BMW Sports Trophy Team Marc VDS took 5th place overall in the DMV 4 Hour race in their number 25 BMW Z4 GT3. Maxime Martin (BE) and Jörg Müller (DE) just missed a place on the podium in a race that was close right to the very last lap. Claudia Hürtgen (DE) and Martin Tomczyk (DE) finished 6th in their number 20 car for BMW Sports Trophy Team Schubert. Their number 19 sister car, driven by Dirk Werner (DE) and Alexander Sims (GB), was on track for a podium spot for a long time, but fell back into 10th after a tyre failure shortly before the finish. Dirk Adorf (DE) and Markus Palttala (FI) ended the race in 13th in BMW Sports Trophy Team VDS’s second BMW Z4 GT3. Uwe Alzen Automotive’s BMW Z4 GT3 and both cars from Walkenhorst Motorsport finished in 7th, 14th and 16th, respectively. 

The scheduled four-hour race had to be stopped after less than 60 minutes due to a serious accident – fortunately, none of the drivers involved were seriously injured. The race continued around three and a half hours later after the heavily damaged crash barriers were replaced at the Pflanzgarten section of the track. The total race time was reduced to just under three hours.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Manual | 1/500sec | F/5.6 | ISO-500 | 2014:04:12 14:56:38

Jörg Müller (5th place, Number 25 BMW Z4 GT3, BMW Sports Trophy Team Marc VDS): 

“The tight two-car battles were fun, but they were sometimes pretty gruelling, too. The car was really good in the corners, but our competition were able to overtake us again and again by taking advantage of the slipstream. It was a lot of hard work, but I’m happy. We’re learning more with every race and are moving in the right direction.” 

Claudia Hürtgen (6th place, Number 20 BMW Z4 GT3, BMW Sports Trophy Team Schubert): 

“The race unfortunately had to be interrupted due to a serious accident – that made it pretty hectic. Nevertheless I think we managed to make the best out of the day. Once again, we didn’t have any technical problems, and we were able to gain some more important experience. The anticipation for the 24 Hour race in June is growing with every kilometre we drive.” 

Alexander Sims (10th place, Number 19 BMW Z4 GT3, BMW Sports Trophy Team Schubert): 

“It’s a shame that I could only drive one stint because the race was shortened, but it’s still really helped me prepare for the 24 Hour race. In contrast to the qualification races, I was able to learn a lot today about driving and overtaking on the Nordschleife. You have to make a lot of good decisions.”

Dirk Adorf (13th place, Number 26 BMW Z4 GT3, BMW Sports Trophy Team Marc VDS): 

“The BMW Z4 GT3 is very quick on the Nordschleife, but we could do with just a little bit more top speed on the straights. My goal was to drive a double stint in this race to see if the car and I could see it through. I have the team to thank for it working out. The BMW Z4 GT3 runs smoothly and is very good to drive. We unfortunately had a tyre failure that put us too far behind to get right back up to the front again.”

Matthias Unger (Team Principal, Adrenalin Motorsport, 1st place, BMW M235i Racing Cup Class): 

“I’m very happy about this win – at the end of the day, the competition in this category is very stiff indeed. You could really see the concentration of talent in the BMW M235i Racing Cup class, particularly before the race was stopped. Six cars were covered by just over 20 seconds. However, we naturally went into the race to win it. And we did. I’m very happy about that.”

/ Photo & Media provided by  BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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