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2014.11.05 15:17

The new BMW F 800 R. On News/Car2014.11.05 15:17

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The new F 800 R is the latest in the line of characterful parallel twin-cylinder motorcycles from BMW Motorrad. Consistent development of its all-round qualities has ensured the dynamic roadster is ready to delight owners with its sporty performance, agile handling and even greater versatility – all wrapped up in a dynamic package.

















































Power is sourced, as before, from a liquid-cooled four-valve twin-cylinder engine with 798 cc displacement. With output increasing to 66 kW (90 hp) at 8,000 rpm (up from 64 kW (87 hp) at 8,000 rpm) and shorter ratios for first and second gear, the parallel twin offers even greater sprinting ability while retaining the impressive pulling power, instantaneous responses and low fuel consumption familiar from the predecessor model. Peak torque remains 86 Nm (63 lb-ft) at 5,800 rpm.

The engaging riding experience on board the F 800 R is further enhanced by new suspension components and optimised ergonomics. For example, an upside-down fork now takes care of front suspension duties, while a hydraulic double-disc brake with radial brake callipers provides fade-resistant stopping power. A new seat fixed lower down (at 790 mm instead of the previous 800 mm), combined with new handlebars and rider foot pegs, creates even better ergonomics for the rider.

The design of the F 800 R – which is also pitched at novice riders – also provides a visual showcase for that extra rider engagement. With its newly designed fairings, radiator shields, front mudguard and wheels, plus a new range of colours, the sporty roadster cuts an extremely dynamic figure. The now symmetrical main headlight also gives it a distinctive “face”.

In keeping with the “Safety 360°” principle, the new F 800 R is fitted with ABS as standard. It can also be ordered with optional systems such as ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), ensuring it sets a new benchmark in the segment in terms of its safety performance and all-round qualities.











































































The new features of the BMW F 800 R:

• Higher output than its predecessor – 66 kW (90 hp) at 8,000 rpm (previously: 64 kW (87 hp) at 8,000 rpm).

• Modified ratios for first and second gear.

• New body features with an even more dynamic design.

• New colours.

• Symmetrical main headlight arrangement.

• Upside-down fork.

• Radial front brake callipers.

• Lighter wheels with dynamic design.

• Rider foot pegs.

• Seat height reduced to 790 mm (previously 800 mm).

• New tapered aluminium handlebars.

• ASC (Automatic Stability Control) – optional / special accessory.

• ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) – optional.

• Output reduced to 35 kW (48 hp) – special accessory / optional.

/ Photo & Media provided by BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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Welcome to the BMW Group! You expect to see the latest models at a motor show, of course – but the BMW Group is concerned with so much more than that. It seeks to provide answers to the challenges of today. This morning, we want to begin by looking at mobility from a different perspective. To assist us, we have invited one of the world’s most renowned experts on Europe and Franco-German relations to join us. A historian and political scientist, she lives here in Paris and teaches at the Sorbonne: Please welcome Professor Hélène Miard-Delacroix!


Talk between presenter and Professor Hélène Miard-Delacroix

The press conference will open with guest speaker Prof. Hélène Miard-Delacroix answering questions about the unique strengths and qualities of a united Europe; the importance of stable France-German relations at all levels; the need for investment in innovation and technology; and the role of guidance and leadership. She will also voice her opinion on the future of the car in major cities, public transport and new mobility concepts.



Ladies and Gentlemen, We’ve heard what the expert has to say. Now, let’s see and hear where the answers lie. I would like to invite on stage a man whose company lays claim to be an innovator and pioneer. Please join me in welcoming the Chairman of the Board of Management of the BMW Group,
Dr. Norbert Reithofer!


Dr. Norbert Reithofer,
Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG

Bonjour and good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!

You have been talking about changes in our society. Well, our electric BMW i3 here was designed specifically with megacities like Paris in mind. It is the only electric car in the world integrated with public transport to this extent. In a traffic jam, the i3 will even show you alternative means of transport to reach your destination faster. Believe me: That was not an easy step for us as a car maker.

More than any other factor, customers decide how quickly new technologies become established on the marketplace. The i3 is already on the roads in many cities – including Paris. Several hundred customers in France have bought a BMW i3 since the start of 2014; in the second half of the year, we are launching it onto the market in metropolitan regions of China.

Sustainable mobility is gradually becoming reality – wherever customers find it to be an attractive and innovative option. As an engineer, I learned to look at things from a functional perspective and to always ask: Why? Because by questioning things, we create innovation.

Innovation has always been one of Europe’s strengths – thanks in significant part to the automotive industry. Europe is not only the largest sales region for the BMW Group – around 70 per cent of our cars are also produced here, at 16 locations in four countries, if you include contract manufacturing.

Europe has unique strengths and qualities.

  • So let us focus on the common ground – the things that unite us.
  • Let us strengthen our industrial base and
  • invest in future technologies and innovations!

Then, we will be able to compete with other regions of the world as a serious partner. BMW i has given progress a face. The same applies to BMW,
Rolls-Royce and MINI. MINI is the perfect car for the city. For the BMW Group, MINI is an important part of our portfolio. Here is our first world premiere today: the new MINI Hatch 5 Door!


Peter Schwarzenbauer,
Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, MINI,
BMW Motorrad, Rolls-Royce, Aftersales BMW Group

World premiere MINI Hatch 5-doors

Ladies and Gentlemen, Last year, we showed you the new MINI 3 Door. Today,
I am presenting another model on the road for the first time in MINI history:
the first MINI Hatch with five doors!

The idea for such a MINI based on the three-door concept has been around for a long time. But not until today – 55 years after the first Mini rolled off the production line – is this variant finally being released onto the market. We know from our customers that a lot of people have been waiting for this MINI. We want to offer all these people much more than “just” a MINI with two extra doors.

For a start, it has a longer wheelbase – which means: a more spacious interior, more luggage volume and more functionality. In fact, it is a completely stand-alone model.

With this model, MINI aims to capitalise on the growing segment for five-door hatchbacks – which is twice the size of the three-door compact segment. MINI continues to evolve, with the brand representing a young and progressive lifestyle. MINI is also a brand with visions for the future, as you can see from the “Superleggera” here at our stand: A real superhero.

It shows the direction for MINI could go. I promise that MINI will be defined by models with a strong personality and unique characteristics in the future. And with MINI Yours, customers can now make their MINI even more individual, more creative and more exclusive. Because in everything we do, the needs and wishes of our customers come first – and that also applies in a very unique way to Rolls-Royce.


Peter Schwarzenbauer

World premiere Rolls-Royce Phantom Metropolitan.

Let’s move on from the smallest BMW Group cars to the ultimate in automotive creation. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars remains at the very pinnacle of the super-luxury segment. We are confident that 2014 will be another record-breaking year.

Demand for Wraith remains strong around the world. Ghost Series II has a strong order book. Some of your colleagues were able to test-drive it for themselves last week in London at the European media launch and many more will drive it in the coming weeks at media launches in the USA, China and the Middle East.

Phantom continues to impress our most demanding customers around the world. Alongside our model portfolio, our bespoke programme plays a decisive role in the success of Rolls-Royce.

Bespoke is our pledge to make any Rolls-Royce as unique as its owner’s fingerprint. Rolls-Royce bespoke represents a unique offering within the automobile industry – delivering precisely what customers expect from a super-luxury brand.

Bespoke IS Rolls-Royce.

Today, I would like to introduce the latest masterpiece from our bespoke designers and master craftsmen and women from The Home of Rolls-Royce at Goodwood – here in Paris, the global capital of style and elegance:
The Rolls-Royce Phantom Metropolitan.

This unique masterpiece unites hand craftsmanship with typical Rolls-Royce attention to detail: 500 minute wooden elements are combined by hand in a process called marquetry to create inlays representing metropolitan city skylines, while 6,800 hand-sewn stitches bring elegant detail to the leather seats.

The exterior is also inspired by the world’s great cities. The bespoke colour “Darkest Tungsten” provides the perfect background for the hand-painted coach line which is embellished with a three-dimensional metropolitan theme.

The Phantom Metropolitan is not just a car, it is art in the truest sense, as you can see for yourselves at the Rolls-Royce stand.


Peter Schwarzenbauer

BMW Motorrad: S 1000 RR, R 1200 RS, C evolution

BMW Motorrad motorcycles are popular with both men and women, regular and occasional riders alike. Our new models highlight the brand’s powers of innovation, its customer orientation and the broad spectrum of wishes we are able to fulfil.

  • The new S 1000 RR is a reinterpretation of our supersports bike, which is sure to thrill motorsports aficionados with even more performance, lower weight and new technical features.
  • Fans of our boxer-engine models will surely grow to love the new R 1200 RS and R 1200 R. I brought the RS along for you today. The R 1200 RS combines the qualities of a touring motorcycle with the dynamic performance of a sports bike, making it the perfect choice for sporty driving on country roads or for longer trips.
  • The combination of a pure BMW roadster with a boxer engine has captivated fans since the first BMW motorcycle was launched more than 90 years ago. The new R 1200 R continues in this tradition. It is a dynamic all-round motorcycle with definite touring characteristics.
  • BMW Motorrad is also ushering in the age of electro-mobility with its
    C evolution electric scooter. Built for urban mobility, it is geared towards tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious scooter drivers.

These three motorcycles are as different as our customers.

They are designed to appeal to new customers and continue the BMW Motorrad success story. To achieve this, we are also continuing our model offensive

and creating innovations for our customers. Systems such as driving stability systems, innovative lighting concepts and convenience functions like Keyless Ride – already familiar from BMW cars – are now finding their way into our motorcycles.

Motorcycle fans – and I can confirm this myself – love to feel the wind in their face. And that ties in nicely with our next world premiere, presented by my colleague, Herbert Diess.


Dr.-Ing. Herbert Diess,

Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Development

World premiere BMW 2 Series convertible

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have brought along a great world premiere for you today: The new BMW 2 Series Convertible!

Following on from the BMW 4 Series Convertible and the M4 Convertible, we are presenting our third open-top model this year, offering convertible fans especially in the US and here in Europe even more choice. From my own experience, I can assure you, it makes driving with the top down a real joy – thanks to the best driving dynamics in the segment with:

  • new and powerful engines,
  • the best aerodynamic characteristics of any competitor with a

                   Cw value of 0.31, and

  • 20 per cent more torsional stiffness than the previous model.

The 2 Series Convertible is also significantly larger: It has grown 72 mm in length and 26 mm in width, with a 30 mm longer wheelbase – making it even more practical, with more luggage space and a larger through-load.

Even driving with the roof up is a pleasure, since the acoustic soft top, which comes as standard, reduces cabin noise significantly. The classically elegant roof can also be optioned in three different colours.

We aim to set new standards with every model we build – including in the area of connectivity – so the BMW 2 Series Convertible naturally comes with the latest version of BMW ConnectedDrive.

We are the first automobile manufacturer to introduce over-the-air updates for the navigation system. Connected Drive ensures the latest navigation data is always available – with automatic updates up to four times a year, thanks to the built-in SIM card and 4G network coverage.

These days, it is hard to imagine individual mobility in urban areas without connectivity – especially in cities like Paris. Connectivity and efficient dynamics are converging – benefiting both customers and the city.

The BMW 2 Series Convertible will be available from 28 February 2015 – just in time for the new Convertible season. The same applies to the first open-top
M Performance car – the BMW M235i Convertible.

I have no doubt that our customers will be impressed – here in France, too.


Dr. Ian Robertson (HonDSc)

Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG,

Sales and Marketing BMW, Sales Channels BMW Group

World premiere BMW X6

Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs! We have another exciting world premiere for you – the BMW X6. A true display of power and sporty dynamics – a top athlete in its class!

Please welcome on stage with me another exceptional athlete: Thierry Dusautoir, the captain of the French Rugby team.

The precision and performance demanded in the game of rugby are values which are also perfectly reflected in the BMW brand.

And we are proud to be the official partner of the French, English and South African national rugby union teams. And next year is a particularly special year for the sport.


Talk with Thierry Dusautoir.

The power, the pace and the precision of rugby – all of these traits are embodied in the new BMW X6. This new model has everything it takes to continue the success story of the first generation, with:

  • Higher performance, yet 22 percent lower fuel consumption.
  • More versatility and lots of space.
  • An even more luxurious interior.
  • State of the art technology.
  • And an even more striking design – with additional new packages such as “Design Pure Extravagance” and for the first time, the “M Sport” package.

Since its introduction in 2008, the BMW X6 has enjoyed phenomenal global success with around 260,000 units sold year-to-date. I firmly believe that this vehicle will continue that success story and further contribute to the tremendous global popularity of the BMW X family: Today, one in four BMW vehicles sold worldwide is an X model.

At BMW, our range of premium vehicles covers the entire spectrum of our customers’ needs. And the BMW brand stands for dynamics and sporting flair as much as for sustainability.

And all of our vehicles will always stand for “Le Plaisir de conduire”.



/ Photo & Media provided by BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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새로이 출시된 모델은 역사상 가장 강력한 파워는 물론 뛰어난 성능과 안전성, 연비효율성, 내구성을 갖춘 획기적인 제품이지만 신제품의 차별화에 방점을 찍어 주는 요소로 획기적인 디자인을 꼽을 수 있다. 볼보 FH시리즈는 볼보트럭의 대표적 플래그십 모델로서 ‘2014년 올해의 글로벌 트럭 (International Truck of the Year 2014)’으로 선정된 바 있으며 세계적인 디자인 상인 ‘레드닷 디자인 어워드 (red dot)’ 와 ‘IF 디자인 어워드’에서도 수상하면서 그 우수한 디자인을 인정 받았다. 


간결하면서도 실용적인 정통 스칸디나비안 디자인의 대표임을 자부하는 볼보의 디자인 철학은 ‘미래에 대한 통찰력’이라는 큰 주제를 관통하면서 다가오는 미래의 변화에 대해 집중해 왔다. 제품의 특성 상, 트럭은 일반 소비재보다 사이클이 길다. 따라서 2006년부터 시작된 이번 신모델 개발을 위한 디자인 작업에서 볼보트럭이 집중한 부분은 변화이다. 향후 5-10년 내에 고객의 작업 및 생활 환경의 변화에 따른 새로운 트렌드를 예측하고 이에 따른 고객의 선호는 물론 이를 현실화할 수 있는 기술적 진보에 이르기까지 다양한 정보를 포괄적으로 수집, 분석한 후 본격적인 디자인 작업에 돌입했다.


이와 같은 디자인 과정을 거쳐 탄생한 신형 FH, FM, FMX 각각의 모델은 볼보트럭의 중요한 심볼이 된 전면 유리 하단에 부착된 볼보트럭의 상징인 아이언마크 및 새로운 디자인의 벌집 모양의 그릴, 시대를 앞서가는 V자 LED 주간주행등 등 공통의 컨셉이 적용된 패밀리룩 디자인과 함께 각 모델의 용도 및 작업환경에 부합하는 각자의 디자인 컨셉이 적용되어 모델 별로 고유한 개성과 특징을 표현하고 있다. 특히, 트럭은 운전자에게 작업현장인 동시에 수면을 비롯하여 많은 시간 생활하는 집과 같은 공간이기도 하기에 실용성은 물론 정서적인 면도 고려해야 하는 등 디자인 과정에서 세심한 디테일이 필수적이다.


리카드 오렐 볼보트럭 디자인 총괄 이사는“볼보의 주력모델 FH16 의 경우, 강인함과 자유를 그들만의 우아한 방식으로 표현하는 야생마의 이미지를 연상해 업계에서 가장 강력한 힘을 지닌 트럭의 이미지를 전달하면서도 지나치게 공격적이지 않고 오히려 세련된 느낌의 디자인을 살리기 위해 노력했다“라며 “터프한 건설현장에서 그 진가를 발휘하는 FMX 모델의 디자인은 제임스 본드의 이미지를 살렸다. 턱시도를 멋지게 차려 입은 근사한 007요원이 격투 후에도 여전히 매력적인 모습을 지니고 있는 것이 험한 환경에서 작업한 후에도 여전히 멋져 보이는 FMX의 이미지와 일맥상통하기 때문이다“라고 밝혔다.

패밀리룩을 기본으로 각 모델의 개성이 적절하게 조화를 이루는 FH, FM, FMX 신모델은 세심하고 사려 깊은 볼보 만의 디자인에 힘입어 고객들로부터 신뢰와 호평을 이끌어 내며 기록적인 판매를 이어 나가고 있다.

/ Photo & Media provided by  볼보트럭코리아, SMC  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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Canon EOS-1D X | Manual | 1/160sec | F/8.0 | ISO-320 | 2014:10:19 17:05:03

Hockenheim (DE), 19th October 2014. We take a look back at the milestones achieved since 1984 – from the maiden victory with the BMW 635 CSi in the very first DTM race to the countless triumphs since the DTM comeback of BMW in 2012. In the past three seasons, BMW secured six out of nine titles and won 50 per cent of all races. 


The history of the DTM begins with the first race in Zolder (BE) on 11th March 1984. BMW celebrates victory as well as the top four places, with Harald Grohs (DE) crossing the finishing line first in a BMW 635 CSi. It is Volker Strycek (DE) from Team Gubin, however, who finishes fifth at the finale at the Nürburgring to secure the first title for BMW. 


Harald Grohs ends the second season of the DTM third in the drivers’ standings, making him the best-placed BMW driver. He wins again at the wheel of the BMW 635 CSi in Zolder, while Winfried Vogt (DE) triumphs at Mainz-Finthen (DE) in a BMW 323i. 


Both Kurt König (DE) and Volker Strycek finish in the top five of the drivers’ standings with the BMW 635 CSi. König also picks up the only BMW victory of the year – the Grenzland-Preis in Zolder. 


The BMW M3 makes its DTM debut – and is immediately the car to beat. Harald Grohs, Marc Hessel (DE), Olaf Manthey (DE) and Fabien Giroix (FR) claim five victories in total. The title, however, goes to former BMW Junior driver Eric van de Poele (BE), despite finishing a lowly tenth at the finale at the Salzburgring (AT) due to a puncture. 


Markus Oestreich (DE), in a BMW M3, is in the title race right up until the end of the 1988 season. After the last of the 24 rounds, however, he has to settle for fourth place overall. 


Roberto Ravaglia (IT) starts the season with two victories in Zolder – and goes on to finish on top after the finale in Hockenheim. BMW M Team Schnitzer and Team Principal Charly Lamm (DE) enjoy a virtually perfect debut season in the DTM. As well as Ravaglia (three victories), Steve Soper (GB, two) and Johnny Cecotto (VE, one) also win in the BMW M3. 


BMW, Audi and Mercedes produce a thrilling three-way battle for the title – just as they do in the 2012 season. BMW claims victory at eight of the 22 races. Despite this, Johnny Cecotto narrowly misses out on the fourth title, having to settle for runner-up. 


Fourth-placed Johnny Cecotto is once again the best-placed BMW driver at the end of the year. The Venezuelan wins three races, while fellow BMW driver Steve Soper occupies the top step of the podium on four occasions. Joachim Winkelhock (DE) also joins the list of winners in Wunstorf (DE). 


BMW competes with a works team in the DTM for the last time for a while: Johnny Cecotto again finishes fourth in the Drivers' Championship to end the season as the number one BMW driver. Roberto Ravaglia provides a magical moment at the season finale in Hockenheim on 11th October 1992: he claims two victories in the BMW M3's last works outing in the DTM. 


BMW returns to the DTM after almost 20 years and competes with three teams and six drivers. Among them is once again BMW Team Schnitzer, and it soon becomes apparent history is repeating itself. As in 1989, when Charly Lamm and his team made their debut in the DTM, the crew from Freilassing is the team to beat. Bruno Spengler (CA) wins four races, with Augusto Farfus (BR) adding a fifth triumph for BMW. Together, BMW Team Schnitzer, BMW Team RBM and BMW Team RMG claim 12 podiums over the course of the comeback year. In a thrilling finale to the season in Hockenheim, Spengler overturns a three-point deficit to finish four points ahead of Mercedes driver Gary Paffett (GB). The Canadian, who ends the season with 149 points to his name, becomes the fourth BMW champion in the history of the DTM, following in the footsteps of Volker Strycek, Eric van de Poele and Roberto Ravaglia. A further ten points, courtesy of Dirk Werner (DE), sees BMW Team Schnitzer claim the title in the team competition. The icing on the cake is first place in the Manufacturers’ Championship. 


2013 sees BMW Motorsport expand its DTM commitment, with eight BMW M3 DTMs rather than six cars. BMW Team MTEK and its drivers Marco Wittmann (DE) and Timo Glock (DE) join the squad. The second season after BMW’s comeback ends with five race wins and the defence of the Manufacturers’ title. Augusto Farfus (BR) and Bruno Spengler (CA) finish second and third behind champion Mike Rockenfeller (DE) in the Drivers’ Championship. Wittmann receives the “Rookie of the Year” award. 


BMW competes with the new BMW M4 DTM, which replaces the extremely successful BMW M3 DTM. The very first race in Hockenheim ends in victory. Marco Wittmann claims his maiden win on the new car’s debut. This also marks BMW’s 60th victory in the DTM. A further three wins are to follow for Wittmann, in Budapest, Spielberg and at the Nürburgring. The BMW Team RMG driver dominates the season and is crowned the youngest German DTM champion of all time with two races still remaining. BMW Team RMG achieves the next success at the penultimate round in Zandvoort (NL), winning the Team competition. The team’s second driver, Maxime Martin (BE), claims his maiden win in only his fifth DTM race in Moscow (RU) and is named Rookie of the Year come the end of the season. In Spielberg, BMW Motorsport occupies the top four positions for the first time since its comeback. Wittmann wins the race, ahead of Augusto Farfus, Timo Glock and Martin Tomczyk. In total, the BMW M4 DTM was first across the finish line on five occasions in its first season.

/ Photo & Media provided by  BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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P65+ | Manual | 1/60sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2012:01:26 16:07:45

Keen to celebrate this success in fitting style, BMW M GmbH is unveiling the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition (0 – 100 km/h / 62 mph in 4.1 seconds, fuel consumption combined: 8.8 l/100 km [32.1 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 204 g/km)*. 

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III | Manual | 1/60sec | F/11.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:10:15 21:16:56

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III | Manual | 1/60sec | F/11.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:10:15 18:23:31

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III | Manual | 1/60sec | F/11.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:10:15 16:32:41

The Champion Edition will be built in a limited run of 23 units, reflecting Wittmann’s car number. And – in a further tribute to the DTM winner – it will be offered exclusively in Alpine White. 

The other signature features of the special-edition model, which will be refined exclusively at the BMW Individual Manufactory in Garching (near Munich), will likewise display close links with the victorious BMW M4 DTM. 

The matt-black bonnet and boot lid with eye-catching stripe design make an excellent visual complement to the standard CFRP roof, as does the black character line along the car’s flanks. 

Added to the mix are an M kidney grille with orange surround, an M logo rearwards of the front wheel arches, the number 23 on the doors and the flag along with “WIT” and “DTM Champion 2014” lettering on the rear side windows.

/ Photo & Media provided by  BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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2014.10.11 22:05

Rolls-Royce Phantom Metropolitan Collection On News/Car2014.10.11 22:05

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The Phantom Metropolitan Collection pays homage to the world’s great metropolises through the meticulous application of marquetry – the art of inlaying small pieces of wood veneer to form decorative motifs. When open, Phantom’s signature picnic table presents occupants with an elevated view of the city, created through the expert application of 500 individual wood veneer pieces. Indeed, the process of hand-cutting, colouring, shaping and applying is so complex these unique objects d’art take an expert wood craftsperson several days to complete. On closing the tables, a different perspective of the cityscape is offered – reflecting the view one gets when effortlessly travelling in the rear of a Phantom.

IQ160 | Manual | 1sec | F/16.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:11 17:56:15

P45 | Not defined | 1/8sec | F/13.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:08:28 15:39:23

P45 | Not defined | 1/6sec | F/13.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:08:28 15:43:18

P45 | Not defined | 1sec | F/27.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:08:28 12:53:53

P45 | Not defined | 1/3sec | F/16.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:08:28 15:49:30

P45 | Not defined | 3sec | F/27.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:08:28 14:32:09

P45 | Not defined | 1sec | F/27.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:08:28 12:20:38

P45 | Not defined | 1sec | F/22.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:08:28 12:34:22

P45 | Not defined | 1/4sec | F/8.0 | ISO-100 | 2014:08:28 15:06:16

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Manual | 1/13sec | F/13.0 | ISO-640 | 2014:08:28 14:48:06

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Manual | 1sec | F/9.0 | ISO-250 | 2014:08:28 16:03:26

Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Manual | 1/10sec | F/6.3 | ISO-640 | 2014:08:28 16:07:36

IQ160 | Manual | 5sec | ISO-50 | 2014:08:12 12:24:39

IQ160 | Manual | 3sec | ISO-50 | 2014:08:12 17:11:30

IQ160 | Not defined | 19sec | F/22.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:12 20:07:21

IQ160 | Manual | 3sec | F/22.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:11 19:21:36

IQ160 | Manual | 2sec | F/16.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:12 23:53:01

IQ160 | Not defined | 3sec | F/11.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:15 12:33:48

IQ160 | Manual | 1sec | F/11.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:14 06:20:39

IQ160 | Manual | 3sec | F/18.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:14 09:49:36

IQ160 | Manual | 1/15sec | F/16.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:15 16:13:02

IQ160 | Manual | 12sec | F/11.0 | ISO-50 | 2014:08:14 13:23:26


“I can think of no more fitting location than Paris to debut this remarkable new motor car. This is a city that echoes Rolls-Royce’s very special brand promise in perfectly combining the timeless and modern in a manner that celebrates the art of the master craftsperson,” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “Our customers across the globe delight in challenging our designers and craftspeople to create true, one-of-a-kind pieces of automotive art. This latest Collection serves to showcase the extraordinary scope for Bespoke personalisation afforded to every patron of the marque.”


Meticulous care is taken when selecting the individual wood veneers. Minute imperfections such as knots and flecks lead to instant rejection. Adjustments to the colour of each piece are made through the traditional hand-process of hot-sand shading before a final inspection under magnification on a light box to ensure perfection.


The cityscape theme extends beyond Phantom’s many wood surfaces. A specially developed Aetherius Grey leather colour was created to echo the colour palette of the modern city whilst 6,800 two-tone stitches to the central rear seat flutes depict an abstract image of a skyscraper. A specially developed Bespoke clock extends the theme to the front of the car. For the first time in the marque’s history, a rotating bezel expressing 24 of the great cities of the world and their time zones – Paris included – adorns the central console of a Rolls-Royce motor car.


An exterior hue, Darkest Tungsten, inspired by city skylines finishes the exterior surfaces of the motor car on display in Paris. However, as afforded to any Rolls-Royce customer, the full palette of 44,000 colours is available to those commissioning a Phantom Metropolitan Collection motor car.  Should that not be enough, the marque’s Bespoke craftspeople will create a perfect match of any colour or object a customer may wish to replicate. The exterior is completed with a hand-applied coachline that depicts an abstract silhouette of modern skyscrapers.


This is the latest in a line of remarkable, individual Bespoke masterpieces. 2014 has seen such highlights as the Phantom Drophead Coupé Waterspeed Collection that paid tribute to Sir Donald Campbell’s record-breaking achievements and the Pinnacle Travel Phantom that made its debut at the Beijing Auto Show. These limited Collections serve to inspire customers, with record levels of Bespoke demand reported in September 2014. Nearly every Phantom across the globe, 90% of Wraith and 80% of Ghost family motor cars were commissioned by customers with some element of Bespoke design. Bespoke is Rolls-Royce.


/ Photo & Media provided by Rolls-Royce Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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세계적인 상용차 제조업체인 볼보트럭은 보행자들과 자전거 이용자들의 안전을 보호하기 위한 사각지대 제로화 기술을 개발했다고 발표했다. 

이 독창적인 기술은 차량에 설치된 센서와 레이더 및 카메라를 통해 수집된 정보를 토대로 차량 주변의 모든 상황을 360도 파악해서 운전자에게 정보를 제공하고 적절한 조치를 취하게 함으로써 사고를 미연에 방지할 수 있다. 더불어, 운전자가 위험 상황에 적절히 반응을 하지 못하는 경우, 차량 스스로가 사람의 인지 기능과 흡사하게 주변의 환경을 해석하고 스티어링이나 브레이크 시스템 등을 자동으로 작동시켜 사고를 방지하는 획기적인 안전 기술이다.

볼보트럭의 연구에 따르면, 대형 트럭 사고의 주된 원인이 운전자와 보행자의 가시성이 확보되지 않아 발생하는 것으로 밝혀져, 이번 신기술은 교통사고의 원인이 되는 사각지대를 해소해 이로 인한 사고위험성을 획기적으로 줄여 주는 능동적인 안전 기술이 될 것이다

이번에 발표된 볼보트럭의 신기술은, 2010년부터 볼보트럭과 볼보자동차가 고텐버그 소재의 샬머 (Charlmers) 공과대학과 공동으로 진행 중인 ‘지능형 충돌방지 차량 (Non-Hit Car and Truck) 프로젝트’를 통해 개발되었다. 본 프로젝트는 불과 2개월 후인 2014년 12월경 마무리 될 예정이고 이 연구결과를 토대로 앞으로 5-10년 내에 바로 상용화가 가능한 독보적인 능동형 안전

시스템이 될 것이다

볼보트럭의 칼 요한 암키스트 교통 및 제품안전 총괄 본부장은 “물론, 현재 판매되는 볼보트럭도 이와 같은 위험한 사각지대를 최소화하도록 설계되었다. 

하지만, 교통체증이 심한 경우에 운전자가 미처 주변 상황을 충분히 인지하지 못할 가능성도 있기에, 볼보트럭은 이번 신기술 개발을 통해 자사가 추구하는 보다 높은 수준의 교통안전 이념에 한걸음 더 가까이 다가설 수 있을 것으로 기대된다” 라며 “현재 기술적인 요소들은 모두 개발이 완료되었으며 더욱 완벽한 시스템의 안전성 검증을 위해 철저한 테스트를 거치는 시간이 조금 더

필요하다” 라고 덧붙였다.

볼보트럭은 자사의 경영철학 중 하나인 ‘안전’을 실천하기 위해 업계 최고의 시스템과 신기술을 꾸준히 개발함으로써 안전의 대명사로서의 리더십을 유지하고 있다. 전 세계 최초로 발명된 3점식 안전벨트를 포함해서 안전벨트 착용 경고(SBR), 안전벨트 프리텐셔너 (Seat Belt Pretensioners) 및 현재는 EU내의 모든 상용차에 장착이 의무화 되어 있는 FUPS (Front Underrun Protection

System, 충돌 시 상대 승용차 탑승객의 상해를 최소화 시켜주는 장치)를 최초로 개발하는 등, 이미 널리 상용화된 안전 시스템 개발의 선구자적인 역할을 하고 있다.

최근에는 유투브 영상을 통해 널리 알려진 기능으로, 충돌을 미연에 방지해 주는 충돌경고 비상브레이크 (Collision Warning with Emergency Brake)나 차선 변경 지원 시스템 (Lane Changing Support)과 차선 유지 지원 시스템 (Lane Keeping

Support), 피곤한 운전자를 위한  운전자 경고 시스템 (Driver Alert Support) 등의 다양한 첨단 안전 시스템을 지속적으로 선보이며 ‘볼보는 곧 안전’이라는 공식을 견고히 하고 있다.

/ Photo & Media provided by  볼보  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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Munich. Driving pleasure and sustainability are fused together in unprecedented fashion in the all-electric BMW i3 and the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Their high-voltage batteries can be recharged quickly and easily by means of the BMW i Wallbox that forms part of the 360° ELECTRIC portfolio. This sophisticated charging station with fast-charge facility for feeding cars with power either at home or at work underlines the all-embracing approach adopted by the BMW i brand when it comes to developing products and services for sustainable mobility of premium calibre. In the process, the BMW Group has assumed a pioneering role in this field and is therefore pressing keenly ahead with the development of innovative technologies for making driving with zero tailpipe emissions more and more attractive. Systems for inductive charging of high-voltage batteries are the next step forward for energy supply. The development objective in the medium term is to put reliable, non-wearing and user-friendly solutions for inductive charging into production that have been tailored to both the batteries in the BMW i cars and the high-voltage batteries in future plug-in hybrid models from the BMW Group.

The crucial advantage of inductive power supply over conventional charging stations is the cable-free connection between the supply point and the vehicle’s high-voltage battery. Carmakers Daimler and the BMW Group have signed an agreement on the joint development and implementation of a standardised technology for inductive charging of electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The system consists of two components: a secondary coil in the vehicle floor as well as a base plate with integral primary coil that is located underneath the car, for example on the garage floor. The arrangement of the coils, and consequently of the field pattern, is based on a design derived from their circular shape that offers a number of crucial benefits. These include the extremely compact and lightweight construction along with effective spatial confinement of the magnetic field. The electrical energy is transmitted via an alternating magnetic field generated between the coils, contact-free, without charging cables and at a charging rate of 3.6 kW. With an efficiency factor of over 90 percent, this method enables the high-voltage batteries in vehicles to be charged efficiently, conveniently and safely.

A further development target is to minimise the charging time for contactless power transmission. At a charging rate of 3.6 kilowatts, the high-voltage batteries in many plug-in hybrid vehicles can be fully charged in under three hours. It takes less than two hours to charge the BMW i8 using a fully working prototype of an inductive charging station. In order to make allowance for the higher storage capacities of high-voltage batteries in pure-electric vehicles, the future technology standard also foresees the possibility of increasing the charging rate to 7 kW. This ensures that the battery in the BMW i3 could still be fully charged overnight when using the inductive system.

Inductive charging makes life considerably easier for the driver of an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, as there is no need to connect any cables to top up the power reserves. Once it has been correctly positioned above the primary coil, the driver can simply start the charging process at the push of a button using the vehicle’s own operating system. Data is transmitted via a WiFi connection between vehicle and charging station to help the driver even with parking.

The inductive charging facility can be used regardless of the weather conditions. Not even rain or snow has a negative effect on the power feed as all of the system’s conductive components are protected, which means the primary coil can even be installed outdoors. During charging, ambient electromagnetic radiation is also kept to an absolute minimum. The space between the primary and secondary coils is permanently monitored, allowing charging to be halted instantly if any foreign bodies are detected.

As with today’s BMW i Wallbox, the inductive power supply systems of the future will also make it possible to activate and monitor the charging process from a smartphone. The relevant smartphone app will let drivers call up the data transmitted online on the battery’s charge status, for instance, or the time remaining until charging is complete.

/ Photo & Media provided by BMW  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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BMW 그룹은 지난 15일 BMW 딩골핑(Dingolfing) 공장에서 생산된 900만 번째 차량인 BMW M6 그란 쿠페를 고객에게 전달했다고 밝혔다.


독일 바이에른 주에 있는 BMW 딩골핑 공장은 지난 1978년 BMW 635CSi를 제작하며 BMW 6시리즈를 본격적으로 생산하기 시작했다. 당시 가장 빠른 BMW 4인승 모델로 기록된 BMW M635 CSi를 생산하기도 했다. M6 그란 쿠페는 지난해 3월부터 생산을 시작했다.


BMW 6시리즈는 지난 2003년 BMW 645Ci 이후 쿠페와 컨버터블, 그란 쿠페, M카 등 다양한 라인업으로 확장되었고, 이후 딩골핑 공장의 생산량은 두 배로 증가했다. 최근엔 900만 번째 모델로 M6 그란 쿠페를 생산했으며, 이를 직접 고객에게 인도했다.


BMW 딩골핑 공장 조립 총괄 로베르트 퀴셀(Robert Küssel)은 BMW M6 그란 쿠페의 차량을 인도하면서 "각각의 자동차들은 고객 개개인의 소망을 담고 있으며, 우리는 딩골핑 공장에서 9백만 번째로 생산된 이 차를 통해 고객의 소망을 이뤄드리고 싶다"며 축하 인사를 전했다.


행운의 주인공이 된 더크 슐츠(Dirk Schulz) 씨는 "딩골핑에서 9백만 번째로 만들어진 BMW를 받게 되어 매우 영광이며, BMW에도 축하를 드린다. 개인적으로 이 차가 BMW의 다양한 제품 중에서도 가장 아름답다고 생각한다"고 화답했다.


한편, BMW 딩골핑 공장은 올해 3월부터 BMW 4시리즈 그란 쿠페 생산을 시작했으며, 공장의 생산 프로그램을 5개 시리즈, 17개 개별 라인업로 확대했다. 이와 같은 지속적인 성장을 통해 BMW 딩골핑 공장은 세계 자동차 업계에서 가장 유연한 생산 기지 중 하나로 인정받고 있다.

/ Photo & Media provided by BMW Group PressClub  Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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메르세데스-벤츠 코리아㈜(www.mercedes-benz.co.kr)가 9월 2일부터 10월 27일까지 ‘메르세데스-벤츠 클래식 모델 캠페인’을 실시한다.

메르세데스-벤츠 클래식 모델 캠페인은 메르세데스-벤츠 차량을 장기간 소유한 고객들이 공식 서비스센터에서 차량 무상 점검을 통해 최상의 차량 상태를 유지 할 수 있도록 매년 정기적으로 실시하는 캠페인이다. 이번 캠페인은 2006년 12월 31일까지 최초 등록한 메르세데스-벤츠 차량(마이바흐 제외)을 대상으로 진행된다.

메르세데스-벤츠 코리아는 무상 점검 서비스를 제공하며 메르세데스-벤츠 순정 부품을 20% 할인된 가격에 제공한다.

메르세데스-벤츠 고객들은 메르세데스-벤츠 공인 테크니션의 전문적인 점검 서비스를 받게 되며 이번 캠페인을 통해 차량을 더욱 효율적으로 관리할 수 있다.

/ Photo provided by 메르세데스-벤츠 코리아㈜ Press Release

/ MediaPaper.KR mediapaper@ymail.com  Sejin Oh

/ The News Article was written by receiving a Press Release.

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